Just a Girl from Ireland ... here to Share the Journey 🍀

Hiya, fabulous ladies! I'm Chellie, tuning in from Ireland. If you peek at my profile, you'll see I've been here since 24th June 2009—yep, I've been around the MyFitnessPal block a time or two! 🎉

Back in the day, I was on fire, following workouts from the likes of Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper. But as we all know, life happens. Grief, setbacks, and a roller coaster of experiences threw me off track. But guess what? I've reset my clock and I'm back! To date, I've lost 35.4 pounds and I'm all set to smash my end goals. 💪


I can't wait to meet more of you who are on this whirlwind journey of health and wellness. It's about time we lift each other up and celebrate the small and big wins alike.

What's your latest 'win' in your wellness journey? Can't wait to hear your stories and cheer each other on!


  • brenna3418
    brenna3418 Posts: 2 Member
    Good for you, Chellie! It’s inspiring to hear of your success!

    I started My Fitness Pal for the first time two weeks ago, and have lost 3 lbs so far.
    I was getting discouraged with what I thought was “watching” what I eat and getting exercise when it was convenient.

    The app is showing me how important both aspects are together. I’m looking forward to reaching my end goal once and for all!