New to tracking macros

Hello new here to tracking nutrition in order to gain muscle mass. 180 pound male 6 ft any advice


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    If you're working out with progressive overload, suitable weekly volume, then you should target up to 180g protein. 160g is probably fine, more than 180g probably overkill. You should want a 200-500 calorie surplus, so whatever amount you've been eating recently to maintain your current weight, add a small surplus to that. Get your daily protein goal, and with a planned calorie surplus you should have no problem getting enough carbs and fats.

    I recommend creatine too. It's safe and cheap. Note that it will likely add a few pounds of water to you, so don't start that while trying to estimate your current maintenance level.

    Measure your waist regularly. If it's going up in an unsatisfactory way, back off the calorie surplus for a bit.