Hello from Belgium

Hello guys,
I've started to use MFP a week ago after I tried other apps that didn't meet my expectations. And here I am !
It's been a few weeks now that I pay attention to my food and 2 weeks that I run with a group of runners. It seems to work !
I've decided to change my appearance during a festival where I could not be in a bikini without noticing how fat I was compared to what I used to be. My goal is going to that festival again in a good feeling regarding my body. But also to feel good each day I look at the mirror and be proud of myself


  • Lietchi
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    Welcome, fellow Belgian! Wishing you success in your endeavors, and if you have questions, there is lots of usefel info on the boards here, and helpful people.
  • Nohortax
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    Thank you Lietchi ! I think the most difficult for me is to avoid parties with alcohol and combine a light diet with quiting smoking. Otherwise, I don't have questions. I understand how the app works and I read a lot of articles about macro :)
  • eileenmatz
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    Welcome! Two days in. I hear you on the bathing suit issue! I missed out on some fun this summer because of my enemy - the bathing suit! Good luck with your weight loss journey!