New to MFP, Excited for the journey!

Hey 👋🏻, I usually never do forums but I figured this time around, why not. I'm 26, I've tried WW in the past and have always struggled with sticking with programs and calorie counting. Over the past few years, my weight has became my biggest insecurity. My mantra has been "nothing changes if nothing changes". Trying to fully commit this time around and see some changes both physically and mentally. Feel free to add me. :smiley:


  • spider_mark51959
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    friend request sent! @jadedliving Good luck with your journey! I've found that just seeing what people here are doing and their success was a great motivation to me.
  • Charlespolo
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    Hello, welcome 🤗 feel free to add me. For some reason I can’t send friend request’s.
  • jencockrell19
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    Hello, I just started my journey with MFP and am also looking for friends to be able to share this experience with. I'll add you
  • MacLowCarbing
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    Hi and welcome! I've found the tools here to be very useful in tracking my progress, and also the forums are great for inspiration and advice. You got this!