My goals and me

What's up everyone, my name is Dylan, but my friends call me Hoss. I'm new to the tracking game, but a veteran in the workout game. Meaning I'm just starting to learn about calories and surpluses and deficits, but as far as throwing around some iron, I'm pretty knowledgeable. I've been at the weight lifting game for 5-6 years give or take, off and on. Never took it super serious until mid September or beginning of October. I'm very serious about this and i have decided to document my regimen. I'm doing this for accountability and to help others who might be going through the same things as me and just need to be motivated.
To give a little back story on me;
I'm 18 years old, 6ft 2in, and roughly 300lbs.
I am on a 2,030cal diet with a rigorous exercise routine. I workout roughly 2-3hrs every single day (except Saturday and Sunday). I'm at the gym 5:00pm to 9:00pm, Monday through Thursday, and Friday if possible.
I spend 30min on cardio (take pre-workout at 20min) then I do my workout, and then another 30min to 1hr of additional cardio. I then use a sauna for 40min to 1hr. Once I'm finished I take a very hot shower and stretch while doing so. Then I do roughly 1-2min of as cold as I can get the water and again do stretching. I then eat a meal and do school work, and stretch before bed. I am usually in bed anywhere between 10pm and 12am. Then wake up anywhere between 7:30am to 10:30am.
This is my usual day for the past 2 months.
I am starting to notice some improvements and I feel amazing.
As far as the weight goes, I was around 303lbs when I started and now I'm down to around 290-288lbs. It bounces around between those numbers. As far as my energy goes, I feel like I'm 10ft tall and bullet proof. I'm almost never tired or completely exhausted. My mental status has increased exponentially and I'm very motivated.
My goal is to be 220lbs by February 2024.
I will be posting my calorie intake (including specific foods) and my workouts everyday/to the best of my ability.
I am looking for all the advice and knowledge from my peers or anyone with personal experience. I love to learn and am willing to try new things. So be open and let's talk. Thank you for reading my Ted Talk, and I'll be seeing you again real soon.