Women 200lb+, Let's Rock 'n Roll this January!!!



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    1/11 - copy from goals 2024
    @itladyee MacroFactor is the app. It's paid- I decided if I was going to pay for premium MFP, I might as well pay for something with more features, which MacroFactor has. I did a big post right here about the features. The features look a little different now, but function the same.

    And this is a link to the planner- I just added a column in the middle for calorie count estimates, and added a snack row, because I love to snack, haha. I got meal ideas from a website called Eat this Much., which is free to use with a limited number of recipes, but you can plug in your calorie goal and number of meals, and it will spit out some ideas.

    Thank you!!!!
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    Here for my weekly check in (committing to once a week min.). Easiest to do it on my weigh in days.

    SW: 235
    CW 1/10: 234.4

    Happy with about a half a pound. Even though it’s that time of the month so I’m bloated and have been eating junk I’ve allowed myself to indulge as long as I stay under maintenance.

    Having a plan of action for expected challenges is something I’ve been working on in therapy. So in order to continue to stay on track I’ll be doing meal prep for my cycle days that way I’m not grabbing for quick and easy. Also for activity I’ll stick to walking and stretching.

    I’m curious to see how these changes help next month.

    I’m back to my regularly scheduled program tomorrow, so I’m excited to see the difference.

    Thanks for all the welcoming messages, can’t wait to engage more with you all!

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    Good morning everyone!

    My weight average is decreasing, my expenditure number is increasing, life is good.

    Except that, at gym class yesterday, I messed up my shoulder a little bit, but tiger balm is helping, and I'm hoping this is just a need to rest situation.

    ⭐ duolingo: ✅
    ⭐ weight loss calories: ✅
    ⭐ logging in grams: ✅
    ⭐ reading: ✅
    ⭐ exercise routine: ✅

    Tonight, dinner is going to be homemade tomato soup (I hate the canned stuff, too sweet, but a good tomato soup is wonderful) and grilled cheese sandwiches. My planned workout is an at-home splits workout, which I should be able to do no problem, and work on the flooring so I can put up my pole in the garage this weekend.

    Tag party:

    @melissaaridgeway I could never subsist on 1200-1300 calories, haha. I tried it a few years back, but I was too hungry. I find my sweet spot is around 1500, so that is what I stick to. You're absolutely right that shame shouldn't be any part of it. Sometimes it's hard to buck the programming.

    @kpoultney I love that you're looking forward to strength training, it's so good not just for looking better (haha) but also for the bones!

    @turkanbingol HIIIIII welcome!

    @kiteflyer105 I like the idea of reading motivational things. I should probably do a little more of that.

    @itladyee you're so welcome! I get such good ideas from the forums, so I love sharing my own when I can. :smile:

    @CeCeFlyy Having a plan for challenges is so important, and you're absolutely right for planning for them, it's a huge part of the process. :smiley:
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    Hello, checking in for January. I weigh in kilos. Currently 98.6, down from 101.6 on New Years Day, but that was about 5 kilos up from last Autumn. I had a challenging 2023, glad to see the back of it really.
    I’ve just read a book called Why We Eat ( too much) . It suggests, among other things, changing the food we eat, cutting out wheat, sugar, processed food and trans fats and upping the proportion of omega 3 to Omega 6 in our diet, in order to lower our weight set point. This isn’t a diet, they are changes for life, and the expectation is that weight loss will be quite slow, but sustainable. The author is dr Andrew Jenkinson, an English bariatric surgeon, he seems to really know his stuff. So I should not have goals for weight loss. I want to sleep 7-9 hours per night, exercise daily, prepare good food and lose my addiction to bread, cake and biscuits. I would really like to lose 20 kilos this year though, that’s about 45 pounds.
    Iwill be cheering everyone on.
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    Hello All!

    Thank you for all the tips/encouragement about keeping up exercise/movement while not being able to jog outdoors due to *SNOW*! I have an appointment to tour an indoor gym on Monday--it is fairly close to my house and open until 10--so the treadmill may need to be my game during the week (2-3 nights) with some group fitness one weekend morning. In the meantime, I'm climbing stairs at work. I figure if I can get 10-12K steps before I leave work--I'm in a reasonable spot for overall movement.

    Do any of you track your steps? This has been a pretty big game changer for me. I have a desk job and certainly have been STUCK TO MY CHAIR in the past. Instead of turning to social media occasionally for a brain break--I'm trying to just climb to the 6th floor to use the bathroom and refill my tea/water.

    @CeCeFlyy & @kpoultney WELCOME!!!

    @kiteflyer105 I know tomorrow is surgery day. Wishing you bravery and luck-let us know how it goes.

    @itladyee Dry January has actually been a breeze. To be honest--we have not had any "outings" so that certainly makes things easier. We do have a delayed holiday party this weekend. It is for my husband's work--so I already offered to drive and have made my mind up that I'll abstain. I have been very into these Apple Cider Vinegar drinks from Trader Joe's. They are bubbly, feel special and are only 35 calories. If you are near a TJ's I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

    @melissaaridgeway Did MFP suggest the 1200-1300 calories for you? It kind of seems the default for this app and I'm not sure I agree that most need to go this low to be a good deficit.

    @CupcakeCrusoe I agree that pre-planning for meals is a MUST. I had to look up what kiszka was...and YUM! I too love tomato soup and *homemade* is the BEST. I love a full head of roasted garlic in mine. In fact--I'm pretty sure I have some in my freezer I will pull for the weekend.

    Hope you are all having a good week!!!!!
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    Good morning everyone, and happy Friday!

    Average went down another tenth, expenditure went up a few calories. All good. Tomorrow's weigh in day, we're progressing.

    ⭐ duolingo: ✅
    ⭐ weight loss calories: ✅
    ⭐ logging in grams: ✅
    ⭐ reading: ✅
    ⭐ exercise routine: ✅ I didn't do my splits workout, but I did do a lot of home gym stuff yesterday- took down a light fixture, started on the floor, realized the cutter I had didn't have hardware, went to the store and did some farmer carrying the heavy cutter and some other materials around the store. So, long story short, I'm counting it.

    Tonight, I have a line dance class planned, which is just fun, and I can't wait. Other things for today- grocery pickup in two different spots, make cookie dough to chill for tea cookies for next week (I got a special embossed roller, I'll show you all when I do it), and pizza night, which I may just skip in favor of a big ol' salad from Subway (their chicken chopped salad with all the veg and pepper relish as dressing is under 200 cal, and so good).

    Tag party:
    @sandramarshall200 Interesting book! My mom's side has a lot of cholesterol issues, so I've been considering getting a lot more omega-3's in my diet.

    @skintight303 stair climbing is one of the better, underrated workouts, I find. I'm glad you're finding a way to get your workouts in, and I love a group fitness class. Eventually I'm going to have to focus on my steps again, but I'm not as focused on them right now.

    Happy (hopefully long) weekend, everyone!
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    1/01: 236.6
    1/05: 228.1
    1/12: 225.4

    I am not feeling well today. I thinks it’s due to this storm coming in today.
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    Happy New Year! I was in this group last month and I am happy to be here again!
    I am 37 years old, 5'11" and currently 208.8 lbs. I will weigh in every Friday.
    I started MFP on 10/27/23 and I have lost 15 lbs since then. Each mini goal I hit I will reward myself (pedicure or new outfit, etc.)
    My goals are to lose about 2 lbs per week, track and weigh my food every day, go to the gym 3-4 times per week where I will speed walk 1 mile on the indoor track and do weight lifting for 45 min split into back/biceps, legs/abs, and chest/triceps.
    I wish all of you so much success! 💓
    CW: 208.8
    1st Goal: 208.0
    2nd goal: 198.0
    3rd goal: 185.0
    4th goal: 172.0
    UGW: 165.0

    1/ 5: 208.4. A small loss, but better than nothing! A non-scale victory: I have gone down 3 notches on my belt since October!

    1/12: 205.4 Ahh! I am so happy that I met my first goal! I am going to get a pedicure 🤗

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    Well my appointment went well. Up a half pound at the doctor's from my previous appointment 2 weeks ago, but I'll take it. It's better than 10lbs up like I was the previous 2 weeks! Lol. My weekly weigh-in isn't until tomorrow though, so hopefully I'll have no gain tomorrow either.

    @skintight303 and @CupcakeCrusoe sorry for the misunderstanding, my example of the 1200-1300 calories was just that, an example. I was just using those numbers to illustrate my point lol. Sorry about that. I mean, when I was down at my lowest last year (207lbs) my calorie amount was 1200, but it was sustainable for me. My current calories are set at 1720, which is doable I think right now. I'm not back to the low 200s again like I was, but I will be.
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    I started at 218.4 a week ago, i am now 216.9 my goal is to lose 4.4lbs minimum a month and reach my goal of 165 for 2024. My goal for January is 213.4

    6th: 99.3 kilos - 218.4
    13th: 98.6 kilos - 216.9
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    Hey everyone!!!! I am new here and starting from my HEAVIEST WEIGHT and so determined to get this under control. I have multiple reasons I need to loose weight, health concerns of course plus for my mental health issues. I have a hard time moving around and doing simple things have became more difficult for me to accomplish. I'm tired of always being exhausted and out of breath from simply going up a flight of stairs.

    My current weight: 296lbs
    GW: 160ish

    I'm not set on my goal weight bc I know I'm older now and may be harder to reach it but it's what I remember being at back when I graduated high school. I remember being my happiest at that weight so it's what I am striving for. If this is allowed I would love some friends to have more support on this journey.

    I hope yall are having a great day and new year so far!!!
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    edited January 13
    Good morning everyone!

    Saturday weigh in day!
    35 years old

    SW: 220ish
    Re-SW (Feb 2022): 200.4
    UGW: 150
    2024 goal weight: 155!
    SW 2024: 182.7

    🎉 January Goals!🎉
    🎉 January GW: 180
    1/6: 182.3 (-0.4)
    1/13: 182.2 (-0.1)

    The average is ticking down so slowly, haha. But downward, so it's fine. At the calorie intake I can live with, I can't expect big dramatic weight loss. (My scale this morning said 181.4- the average will catch up eventually)

    ⭐Stick to weight loss calories 7! days! a week!❌ 6/7
    ⭐Log everything in grams✅
    ⭐Read 2 books✅
    ⭐Set up my home pole and take pictures for you all of my home gym in my garage - I have to finish the flooring first, haha. If you give a mouse a cookie, etc.
    ⭐Do not deviate from the workout plan!✅

    daily stars:
    ⭐ duolingo: ✅
    ⭐ weight loss calories: ✅
    ⭐ logging in grams: ✅
    ⭐ reading:✅
    ⭐ exercise routine: ✅

    This is underwhelming as a result, but it's still a good result. January's about resetting habits and mindsets. The me in December that was eating all those treats (and loving it) thought that she would just lose all that weight in a week or two. That doesn't happen to me in the 180s. Takes longer, when I refuse to be too hungry. Which is fine. There's no prize for getting the weight down quicker, and it's more important for me to not hate this process. I almost always stall in the 180s, but here I am close to out of them again.

    That's also why I tied the reward this month to exercise adherence, so I wouldn't hate myself and the process by tying it to weight.

    Today, I've got a dance class, a mixed class, and a splits class. Then I need to work on the garage, make cookies, make corn chowder and biscuits for dinner, and install the insulation in the garage. Then hopefully relax, haha.

    Tag party time!
    @kristinwoods919 you're doing great, and I hope you're feeling better today

    @dutchgirl188 CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope you enjoy that pedicure. 💅 (yes, I know that's a manicure, lol, I wanted an emoji for the occasion!)

    @melissaaridgeway congratulations on gaining less! That's a good result!

    @carley_marie83 welcome to the best thread on mfp! Looking forward to hearing more from you!

    @pixiesly31 welcome! I can't wait to hear more from you as you slowly progress in being able to do more things without getting tired! That's a wonderful indicator of progress!

    Have a great day, everyone!

    ETA breakfast time! 500 calories, and gorgeous.

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    Alrighty, good result for today!
    January SW: 260
    1/6: 255.7
    1/13: 253.3

    Of course my goal isn't weight loss right now, just more so not weight gain due to the pregnancy, but I'm not unhappy losing a few extra pounds I've gained.

    It was hard this week though. My in laws went with us to Olive Garden yesterday and due to a mishap with the service, everyone was offered free dessert. It wasn't enjoyable for my to watch everyone eat all these amazing looking sweets and the one my husband ordered for "me" (because I couldn't eat my free dessert he still ordered one to take advantage of the free gift) I had to feed to my 2 year old who really wanted some cake. I guess temptation is all around, but you have to make good choices for your health. It's all about your choices, not other people's. Couldn't eat the salad either because my in-laws loaded it up with cheese and it's a buffet style self-serve table salad. Not to mention it was covered in some kind of dressing. Oh well, I'm proud I didn't make bad choices.
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    @fbmandy55 Welcome!! I'm at around 240 lbs now too, down from 263 lbs in November. Please feel free to add me! ❤️ I'm also struggling with depression and it affects my energy levels a lot so exercise has been tough to get into. I'm hoping to also work up to doing exercises several times per week.
  • itladyee
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    Goal Check
    Exercise - 6x a week ✔️
    Water - working towards 64 to 100 ounces daily ✔️
    Hit 48 but next week is going to be a struggle
    Week 1 = 32 +✔️
    Week 2 = 48 +✔️
    Week 3 = 63 +
    Week 4 = 80 +

    Better Nutrition *Work in Process ✔️
    Good Choices, under calories all week.
    Less Alcohol * Work in process. Currently doing dry January with 2 exception days. ✔️
    1/1, 1/6 had Alcohol. All else AF 11/13 :heart:
    Get back to 10,000 steps a day (minimum) 🚫
    Struggling here. Averaging about 7,000. Hit 8,000+ a couple of times this week.

    My Mantra:
    🏋🏾‍♀️ Don't think, just do it!!

    Saturday Weigh In
    1/01: 223.6
    1/06: 219.0 😎 (fluff weight)
    1/13: 217.4 Happy for the weight coming off, but not excited yet. This is what I gained in Nov/Dec.
    Total month loss so far: 6.2

    Monthly Tracking
    Total Loss 2024
  • CeCeFlyy
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    One of the reasons I’ve gotten this big is because of bored eating. I am currently bored.

    Any suggestions?
  • mmatcha_latte
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    Name: Melissa
    38 years old, 5'8" woman

    My Numbers:
    SW: 263.4 lbs (Nov 1 2023)
    Jan GW: 237 lbs (-5 lbs)
    1st GW: 199 lbs
    2nd GW: 163 lbs
    Ultimate GW: 140 lbs

    Weigh-ins: Sundays
    Jan SW = 242.8
    1/7/24 = 240 (-2.8)
    1/14/24 = 237.4 (-2.6)
    1/21/24 =
    1/28/24 =
    1/31/24 =
    Total WL/G for the month= -5.4

    Happy new week, everyone! 🥳 I'm not super great with tagging you all while I'm on mobile but I'm reading the thread every few days and cheering you all on constantly. We can do this!