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Hi I dont know if anyone as any advice I have been using this app or over a month now. I'm on intmaet fasting 16/8 and a calorie count on 1400 a day but never use them all. I walk 10.000 steps a day but my weight is just not moving its just staying the same. Please help 🙏 I also go to the gym in the evening and drink lots of water 2liters or just under


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    How long have you been eating your current calorie level? How do you make sure you are at your calorie goal? Do you use a scale and measure everything you eat and drink?

    If you are weighing all your food, logging completely and honestly, and not losing weight, then you need to reassess your goal. It is very possible that you are eating more than you think. It's actually very common. A food scale and a commitment to use it consistently is a good step if you're not doing it.

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    How are you calculating the calories? Are you using a digital food scale? When and how often do you weigh yourself? Menstrual cycles can mask fat loss because different times of the month make the scale change.