Building a new version of myself

Hey! I am restarting again after taking a wayyy too long break. I am working on loosing weight and toning to be happy with myself physically and mentally. Looking for friends that keep each other accountable as share new recipes and new gym tips! Open to discuss anything and share how I lost 15kg so far :)


  • Samanthaaula8093
    Samanthaaula8093 Posts: 1 Member
    Hey Greta! My name is Sam. I’m also looking for an accountability partner. Hoping to do weekly check ins with each other to ensure we’ve consistently tracked and maybe share our weekly weigh ins. Let me know if interested!
  • Betonbt
    Betonbt Posts: 5 Member
    Also looking for friends to enjoy this journey, I’m Beto from Argentina currently living in Finland
  • rea71
    rea71 Posts: 30 Member
    I need someone to hold me accountable, having a few cheerleader's. While in this journey makes things a bit easier.