Hello! Looking for accountability buddies

Hello everyone! I’m trying to lose weight and am tired of the yo-yo of my weight. Let’s connect and hold each other accountable!


  • mtaratoot
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    Hi Stefanie, and welcome!

    You are the only one who can hold yourself accountable, but you can do it!

    If you are looking for camaraderie among people striving for similar goals, you might enjoy a group I'm involved with called "Lose 1 Pound a Week and Keep it Off." It's a private group, so when you click on that link you'll have to request to join, and you'll be approved pretty quickly.

    There's only two requirements. First, enter your starting weight and goals for each quarter of the year. Easy. Second, enter a weekly weigh-in. Also easy. We have some ongoing other challenges, all of which are completely optional. They can be fun. We also try to do a "special challenge" each week, although we don't always get one up. The group is run by a few volunteers, and we're off doing fun things sometimes.

    You'll find camaraderie, and while you are the only one you can be accountable to, some people find it easier to be accountable to themselves when they share with others.

    Check it out if you want. Invite your friends. We're not really recruiting, but... we're kind of recruiting.
  • Sharonimo55
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    Hi Stefanie I've sent you a friend request. I'm a 55 year old female in the UK. I've been using this app since November and have lost 25 lbs so far (down from 280 lbs to 255 lbs). Have managed on my own so far without the community support but have reached the stage where I thought it might be wise to gain a few My Fitness Pal buddies. Best wishes, Sharon. x