What activity level do I enter? Newbie here, please help!

I workout 4-5x a week, mainly 4. What would I put my activity level at in the settings? Would I put lightly active or something else?


  • yirara
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    Hi there,
    good questions

    The activity level has nothing to do with your workouts but with your everyday activity. Please have a look at the description next to it. If you work a desk job and just come home and sit on the sofa you're sedentary. If you're a teacher, care for your children or work a construction job you're certainly not.

    Here you're supposed to log your exercise on top, and then you get more calories to eat. Thus the activity settings are really just for everyday life outside of exercise.
  • westrich20940
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    As the other commenter has said - MFP means your general lifestyle *without* intentional exercise. You log your exercise in MFP - and it will add those calories to your daily goal. That's bc the calorie goal it gives you is based on your lifestyle/activity level without exercise...and it will give you a daily goal that is already at a deficit from your maintenance level calories.

    Be as accurate as you can with logging what you consume and burn (the auto calorie burns for exercises in MFP are often not accurate...try to find other ways to get an estimate of how many calories you burned).