60+ and so fed up of failing.

Been here plodding along for a few months now and just getting angrier with myself. I'm seeing no changes, I am hitting all my nutrient goals, yet I feel less and less motivated to work out what's going on.

So frustrated with this body that seems to be hanging on to way over 3st more than it should. I really would love to know that it comes eventually but just feel very low at the moment.

Constant cold for 6 weeks now and it is taking days to recover if I try any exercise or movement.


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    I have the same feeling. It appears I almost have to starve and eat only vegetables and protein. I'm trying to find clean eating meals, but I like to cook. I need to go more low glycemic foods to work with pre-diabetic and healthier food swaps. maybe, allow yourself small rewards, for goals met and pre-pan meals. I agree the cold and cloudiness has been a downer. that will change eventually.
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    I recently lost 30lbs and am at goal weight so I feel I can chime in here.

    Weight loss for me was achieved by having a solid plan to move more and reduce calories and stick with it with no days off. I would recommend cutting calories by recording everything you're eating and drinking and start cutting out the unnecessary items. I personally cut all alcohol and sweets and started a daily walking routine along with lifting 3x per week.

    In this day and age of instant gratification losing weight isn't something that will happen overnight but it will happen if you put the work in.
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    Hi. I'm glad to see a thread for "us." I'll be 65 in a month and I'm very excited. I don't really know why, but I do know that getting older seems to be getting happier. I hope this trend continues. I'm pretty happy most of the time, so perhaps it's really just increased joy in living and being alive.

    Anyway, it is hard esp at our age as we have decades of weight and bad habits to lose, I think. If you are feeling that your efforts are not paying off, it's time to assess what is and isn't working. Here are some questions I hope you will answer.

    Are you WEIGHING food and logging daily? (vs. measuring with cups/tablespoons)
    What workouts are you doing and when did you start adding exercise to your life?
    Have you used the tools here to make sure you are setting realistic goals for weight loss?
    What are your stats-age, height, weight, job/activity level? How much are you trying to lose each week?

    Some of that might help us help you more.
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    @mo2go and everyone else on this thread.

    I just started yesterday a motivation challenge focusing on a healthy lifestyle and enjoying life. I would love to have you join. It does not matter how much weight you have to lose. The key is to set short goals that motivate you and keep you going until you achieve your final weight goal, 10 lbs at a time.

    This is the name- Lose 10 lbs by April 15th, 2024- focusing on a healthy lifestyle and enjoying life!

    This is the link if you would like to join.

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    I thought of a new question--@mo2go--Do you maybe have allergies ones you didn't have before?

    I went 18 mo of constant illness (including a bout of Covid) where my respiratory system seemed to be failing--and I couldn't believe it, so athletic my whole life, even when fat. Constant sinus infections, chest pain, deep wet cough; this was after I moved from WI to NC . . . So doc prescribed a stronger allergy med and voila, I got so much better so quickly. It's work checking out.
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    mo2go..i know it's easy to get discouraged, especially at our age, but i have to agree with xbowhunter. i have spent YEARS trying to lose weight..cutting things down, only eating protein and veggies..kept flusweetsctuating weight...i started this plan just 6 days ago..started eating more than i ever have and lost 3 pounds so far..i know it doesn't seem like much, but i've been in your shoes (and i'm older than you) so any progress is a reason to celebrate..this was my last ditch effort! i log EVERYTHING i put in my mouth and work to keep it slightly under what i'm allozwed..sweets have always been my downfall, but i started using stevia (NOW better stevia..no aftertaste)..it was tough at first so i weaned myself off little by little..now all i use is stevia..whenever i get the sweet craving, chocolate, etc, i have a bag of russell stovers no sugar m&ms and no sugar strawberry twizzlers..seriously, you can't tell the difference! i severely limit myself with these things, but i find one twizzler or about 6 m&ms does the trick..don't worry about 'working out'...just walk..get a friend or a group and walk around your neighborhood..you'd be amazed how much better you feel! just don't give up...it will pop up and surprise you when you least expect it...i'm rooting for ya!!
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    huh...guess autocorrect didn't like the way i spelled fluctuating!! i have NO IDEA what that word spells!!lololol
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    If you think joining a team might help, have a look at the Fat 2 Fit support group - we have five teams (each around 20-25 members), lots of support and encouragement, fun challenges, and good humoured ideas to help you lose and get fit. I have been with this group for a long time, and succeeded in hitting my goal (after menopause!) and staying there now for many years. I'm 70 now, and feeling fit and great.

    Check out the main page - go ahead and read the team chats, see how it works, and if it might help you:

    If you want to sign up for March to see how it goes, here's the link:

    Hope to see you there!