Hi lovelies I exceed fat % or and couldn't complete protein and carbs% what' are the best suggestion

Is it necessary to reach the percentage goal ?and do not exceed the % goal


  • AnnPT77
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    No. Pretty close, on average over a small number of days: That is fine. Exact isn't necessary.

    Over on any macro, and within reason on others, is OK enough. Persistently very low on protein or fats isn't a great idea nutritionally.

    It's calories that matter directly for weight loss. Macros are nutrition, for health, energy level, body composition (i.e., muscle), and that sort of thing. People who want to be healthy, not just skinny, should care about macros IMO. Macros can have an indirect effect on fat loss if sub-par nutrition tanks energy level (fatigue = move less, burn fewer calories) or spikes appetite (hard to stick with reasonable calories).

    It's actually better to estimate protein and fats needs in grams. Protein and fats are "essential nutrients" in the sense that our bodies can't manufacture some of their essential subcomponents out of any other food intake, so we need to eat some. Carbs are not "essential" in that same sense, so are more flexible based on how a person reacts to a given carb level.

    If protein is persistently very low, there's useful information in this thread:

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    In case it wasn't clear by Ann's comment, when she says: "Persistently very low on protein or fats isn't a great idea nutritionally" she is discussing values that would be objectively low.

    These objectively low values may or may not be reflected by your MFP goals.

    I would separately determine the minimums I would want to hit, in grams. And then use the MFP numbers as loose guidance in terms of achieving relatively balanced eating.

    MFP macro targets are sane defaults but they can also be changed to reflect a specific type of eating you may be trying to achieve.

    I know that in my case I used to set my base protein target. When achieving that I was almost never too low in terms of fats.

    So after that I tended to ignore the numbers other than calories and protein, other than looking at them to double check on the sanity of my logged entries should there be too large of a discrepancy between logged macros and logged calories