Curious Scorpius' recomposition accountability thread!

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Greetings! I am Curious Scorpius.

I kept an accountability thread in the past on a different website, which is sadly no longer functional. I found that thread to be really helpful for keeping me on track with my fitness goals and feel less alone in my journey. I'm soft tissue injury prone and don't recover as quickly as I did in my 20s SHOCKING, I KNOW

Here are my starting stats:

-36 years old & nb
-5' 3" (ish), 5' 4" on a good day
-135 (ish) pounds
-30% body fat @ Dec 4th 2023
-RMR: estimated 1200 - 1400?
-TDEE: estimated 1700 - 2200ish?
~ 2.5 months into recomp as of 1-29-2024

My goals:
1.) Cut / recomp to 25% body fat

Nutrition plan:
1.) Eat 1200-1500 calories a day
2.) Consume 100g protein at a minimum, 140g max
3.) Do NOT get hung up on calorie and macro overshots / undershots

Exercise plan:
1.) Lift: 2x weekly
2.) Zone 2 cardio: 1-3x weekly (preferably 3x)
3.) HIIT: 1x weekly
4.) DO NOT lift / do cardio on the same day and STOP exercising if I feel nerve or tissue pain!
5.) Do NOT get hung up on missing exercise days due to fatigue or pain!

To start with, I'm aiming for morning / evening check ins. My morning check in will contain a daily plan, and sometimes a weight), and my evening check in will contain total intake, how closely I adhered to my plan, and sometimes a weight. I also might update it with other off topic information or a photo.

Please feel free to engage with me if you wish, and thank you to the staff / admins for providing a space for this thread!



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    Good afternoon MFP! not a lot to add in the first entry, given the wall of text above!

    Here is tonight's plan:
    1.) Lifting tonight = NO CARDIO.
    2.) Progress at least 30 minutes on the task I am slacking on!
    3.) Drink 24 oz water
    4.) Stay positive!

    Why no cardio and lifting, you may ask? I'm rehabbing an old injury and my PT has gently explained that lifting and cardio have different benefits in relationship to my injury, and I won't get those benefits if I combine lifting and cardio on the same day.