Pre-workout meals from restaurants/drive throughs?

On the road and need some good options. :)


  • AnnPT77
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    What kind of workout (modality, duration, intensity)? What do you usually eat pre-workout when not on the road? Do you need to eat lightly pre-workout because of digestive issues?

    I'm not big on special pre-workout snacks, would just eat normal meals in most cases. If I felt the need for food pre-workout and was traveling, there are lots of things from convenience stores that would work: Basic sandwich, yogurt, fruit, maybe cereal, hard boiled eggs . . . .

    But I don't usually do looooong endurance workouts, more like an hour or so usually. When I work out in the morning, I usually eat an Ezekiel pita with peanut butter and some kefir. That would travel OK with me on a road trip (in a cooler). Traveling other than by car, I'd probably sub convenience store peanut butter on an apple, and yogurt or (if the store had it) kefir.

    Honestly, when traveling for races, I've eaten whatever looked reasonable at the hotel's breakfast bar and called that good. I'd maybe pack some granola bars, crispy broad bean packets, fruit, cheese, nuts or something for snacks.

    Before lifting, sometimes I eat dried fruit or candy, if I feel like my energy is low ebb. That's easily available on the road.