I’m new here getting started on my lifestyle changes. I’m feeling good about the plan and making small changes in my diet and incorporating more walking for exercise to help me lose 50 pounds. Looking for support from folks who has been successful in reaching their goals to share what they’ve learned that helps. I feel that I’m hungry all the time during the day and trying to meet my protein goals but it’s been hard and the scale is not moving. But I’m reminded that success is not always measured by the scale and it’s about other things such as how I feel in my clothes, feel when I bend down to put on my shoes and still able to breathe.


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    Hello, and welcome!

    I empathize. :flowerforyou: I lost around 50 pounds back in 2015-16, have been maintaining since.

    If you'd like to increase your protein intake, you may find this thread helpful (I did):


    Since some people find protein filling, increasing protein may help you feel more full during the day, if you make it a point to include some in each meal.

    Many people find so-called "whole foods" more filling than "highly processed" "refined" ones. (Those words are in quotes because those terms are a bit ill-defined, but it's basically lean proteins, whole grains, veggies, fruits in their simpler forms. It's not that a person needs to eat only whole foods, but if eating lots of processed foods, increasing the fraction of whole foods may help.)

    Beyond that, IME it's a matter of logging eating, noticing how one feels, then adjusting based on response to particular eating patterns. Satiation can be quite individual. Quite few people find protein filling, but others find fats more satisfying, while still others find they need high volume foods such as low-calorie veggies.

    Timing of eating is another variable: Different people report doing best on anything from one meal a day (OMAD) to all-day grazing on many snack-sized mini-meals, and everything in between.

    If you experiment and pay attention, you can find your own personal best patterns.

    Along the way, if something you try doesn't work out, don't beat yourself up. An experiment that doesn't work is a learning experience, not a personal failure. Learn from it, adjust your plans, and keep going. If you do that with patient persistence, you'll succeed eventually.

    Another good starting principle is not to try to lose weight super-fast. There's no way to feel full or get adequate nutrition on too few calories! If necessary, you can even start with a higher calorie allowance (slower loss) and adjust calories downward as you figure out what's filling for you, since that makes it more achievable.

    Wishing you success - it's worth the effort!
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    How realistic is your weightloss goal? Do you eat enough? Sometimes the fastest possible loss is not desirable if it means you’re hungry and can’t adhere to your diet.