Long time creaper first time posting.

I have used MFP on and off for years. Well now the time has come to get serious. I was diagnosed w congestive heart failure on my 60th Birthday. So now its no salt, no alcohol limited fluids (8 cups a day of any fluid) and get down to healthy weight. I've lost 34lbs (mostly water weight) and have been sober for almost 30 days. But I'm going back to work now and worried about pressure and stress. I come from an alcohol centered small town in Midwest and its all I know. Please don't tell me to get new friends (as my counselor did) that's just not a feasible solution. Anyone dealing with giving up so much at one time. I would appreciate any comments that might help. No Salt diet is almost impossible. Thanks for listening.


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    No salt/no sugar/no soy is almost impossible eating half-way normally in the USA today. Eat god- or farmer made foods vs man-made or machine-made as much as possible. Herbs, onions, garlic, etc. Help season things in place of salt. But you know that by now. I'm still learning.

    Welcome back to MFP and best of luck on your journey to better health.