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    Thank you very much @MsElphaba!!

    We are leaning heavily toward engineered hardwood. It will mainly be my husband and me, and our cat. And yes, it does get humid at times.

    This is a sample of flooring we have sitting in front of the island. In the picture, you can see some of the island and then the flooring.

    I've looked at so many paint colours today they've all blended into one!!

    Machka in Oz
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    Beth ~ So sad to hear about your mom's continuing decline. We had to put our now dead BIL in memory care when he was doing the same type of behaviors you describe. It made me very depressed to visit him there and now feel that it was a blessing when his time here passed. He was very unhappy the last few years of his life and hated being out of his beloved childhood home.

    Lisa ~ Your planter looks very good and when you scrape the mortar off and plant flowers there it will be lovely.

    Sue ~ So glad your wicked tenant has left. We had a renter that left our house in a mess and it took 4 mo's before we could get it ready to be rented again. This was the second tenant that had to be evicted due to non-payment. Now we have a lady that has been there for 5 yrs and she is very good about letting us know when repairs need to be made.

    Heather ~ Having to crawl up the stairs sounds awful. Do you and John have a downstairs bedroom that would make getting the morning tea easier?

    Flooring ~ We have engineered flooring in the dining and living room and hardwood in the den, hallways, and one bath. I love the engineered flooring and agree that the hardwood has some expansion problems.

    Carol in GA

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    (((Carol))) So sorry about your brother. :heart:
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    Just had to fill in a great , long, pre-op form from the hospital. L O N G...... :p
    Plus lots of online info booklets.
    Everything online. Good job I'm fairly competent in that respect. I know a few my age who aren't.

    I've also got notice from the savings account that I am going to use for the ops about the renewal date in May. Of course, I will have to close the account. Will have to put the money somewhere for the meantime. Shame, because interest rates are so good at the moment.

    Haven't heard back from Saga about the insurance claim. Waiting for the doctors to ring me.

    I have a phone appointment on Wednesday evening about pain meds.

    So sorry, Beth, about all this. <3

    Carol - And your brother. Both my parents died of COPD. My father's last years were terrible. He was 71.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Beth so sorry to hear about your Mom's decline. The end of dementia is truly horrible for the patient and the caregiver. My mom was headed that way, but cancer took her before it got too bad.

    Carol, so sorry about your brother. May he rest in peace.

    Lisa that's a beautiful room!

    I did my twenty eight minutes on my bike and fourteen minutes walking! Yay!

    Annie in Delaware
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    Carol ... So sorry to hear of your brother's passing ...my prayers are with you and your family.

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    Sue-Great news on the tenant. It may be a mess, but she's gone!

    Heather-Your routine sounds inconvenient, but it's good that you're doing it. You still need to keep active somehow. A former colleague got hip replacements and he said it was the best thing he did for himself. A friend recently had knee replacements and she said the same.

    I love the artwork you all share. Machka, those markers look cool. What are they? Maybe I'll try them. I still need hobbies. I did buy a puzzle early in the year and had a goal to get it put together before baseball season started. I did. Now I need something else. Maybe drawing or coloring. I don't like messy things, so painting isn't my bag.

    I'm considering renting shared office space (like WeWork). I need to get out of the house more. The mister and I are together too much. We're arguing again.

    I need to make serious changes. I'm also considering getting a part-time flexible job. I no longer can live comfortably on my salary. That will also get me out of the house. Maybe the zoo.

    Anyway, off to have my coffee.

    Tina in CA, trying to remember not to look at the sun today. It's really sunny!
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    Today is visit your local Zoo day! I love zoos. I simply don’t get to visit them as often as I’d like.

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    Had a frustrating 30 mins waiting on the phone to Saga. Gave up.

    Mushroom risotto for dinner. I've prepared most of it, just the finishing off to do. John has cut up the beans to go with it.

    Today was not one of my best. Frustrating. I can feel a headache threatening. I feel like Lisa, battling idiots. Tomorrow I will take my trolley round to the shops to buy veggies for Wednesday when Edie and my son come over. Also need bread and milk.

    Time marches on. :D Another day nearer my first op.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx