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    Lisa it is so fun when our animals try to do yoga with us! My Brownie, stretches along with me and does the downward dog and cobra stretches along side me making me laugh. I had a pet in the past that used to do the whole routine with me. Such fun!


    Yes! Made me truly laugh out loud, especially with that first pose of hers... there are days I don't know what I'd do without her.
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    Joy - Hope your daughter's news is good. Hopefully, the lack of urgency means that it isn't urgent, and isn't just incompetence on someone's part. Home improvement is as close as Corey and I ever come to arguing--we're both conflict-avoidant, which has its benefits in terms of doing projects together. 👀🙃😀

    Heather - Good news getting some information you needed from Saga, hope you can get what you need sorted all the way around.

    So... I was outside at totality, I took pictures with the selfie side of my phone, like Tina I was just trying not to look at the sun, and wanted to! Didn't work. The pics just look like the sun. The birds never stopped singing, Egg was inside getting a snack when I walked back in. I tried wearing Corey's welders helmet to look at the sun, just gave me an instant headache from the weight. 🤷🏻 I dunno.

    Anyway - smelling like leather and sweat and dirt at the moment, but after two hours, I decided I like the bricks with the German schmear (thank you Barbara, I'll use that later with Corey... 😀). After I got all the mortar cleaned off around it, I was able to get all that detritus in the dumpster... then I took an hour to pull some siding off under the carport. I told Corey I would pull everything off that I could reach. Not as much as he probably thought, as I think he thinks I'm six feet tall.

    I'm not. 🙃 But I might get out and do a little more once I take a break. Or maybe not.

    Rebecca - You have my full sympathy. I just don't give in anymore. No matter what your sister promises, you know what she's like better than she does, and it will all happen. My answer these days is "I'm not traveling anymore," and I use the excuse of the old military life when I deign to give any excuse at all. You can use that one too, if you like. I've done that bit, I have no urge to go anywhere else. Possibly ever. I may change my mind someday, but it's not today.

    Time for a snack.

    Later, y'all,
    Lisa in AR

    I'm not traveling anymore (adding "this year"). I like it! We have traveled down to Oregon, to the airports etc a good 20 hours of traveling, and I have done my quota for awhile!🙄😁😂
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    Today’s gratitude: adolescent and teen years in Ukiah where I could walk to school and ride my bike anywhere all summer.
    Took car in this morning to swap studded tires for standards. Instead of sitting bathed in tire scent, took walk. Soon as I got away from the highway the smells, sounds and sights really lifted my spirits. It was a good long walk up hills and through neighborhoods. Brought back memories of early morning summer bike rides to the library, early morning before it got too hot! Such a great way to start the day, I may try mixing up my morning routine a bit . . . and see if I can walk with Joe and the dogs first thing.
    Rebecca it sounds like you know your eldest sister well. I wouldn’t want to welcome all that “help”ful meddling, and while I love dogs, in your position I’d have to respect my husband’s objections. If you let her know Tucker could not be in the house (for many reasons, you’re renters, your husband’s health, etc not that you have to excuse yourself) would that dissuade her? If not, then some humorous meme about how you like your yard exactly as it is and can we talk about something else? ((hugs))
    Lanette Sure do. One of my favorite backup singers. . . :devil:
    Debbie, con very gratulations for taking off those two pounds. Thanks for the sock ease link, been contemplating something like this to help with the compression socks, but would also need something to make it easier to take them off :laugh:
    Rori so happy to see your smiling face! Thankful no trees down.
    Machka the pink brown would be “warmer” than the blue grey, so . . .
    Heather, like Lisa and Machka I wonder at the “no walking” instruction, but perhaps every case is different and for your individual hips walking is contraindicated?
    Kylia surprised and delighted about what your SIL said. Would she be willing to tackle one or two of the things on your list? Documented HR policies for vacation, sick and lunch times would be a good place to start… and could be adapted from templates available on the web or from your library. Getting buy-in is another thing :devil:
    Annie thanks for the Nick’s recommendation, was amazed to learn our local Freddie’s carries it. Might be a good alternative to my NY Super Fudge Chunk jones, in weighed out portions, of course. ;}
    Okie that looks like a very very fun group!
    Lisa love how flexible Egg is inspiring you to stretch ;)
    Rita ditto for your Brownie doing the dog-a.
    Michelle hope just a scratch, no bruising or swelling near your eye. When I fell and broke my glasses, an x-ray showed a tiny crack in the orbit bone around my eye. Fortunately it wasn’t displaced, no surgery needed, and healed on its own. ((hugs))
    Anna have you read the Inspector Gamache mysteries by Louise Penny?
    Time for brunch, then wii balance games, PT and perhaps to play with plants.
    Later, lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD x8zcp1ya37k1.gif
    April: Move more than yesterday, fuel better than yesterday, live NOW.
    Open heart and mind before mouth.
    2024: Strengthen: body, mind, heart-connections.
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    Little boy counting eggs, and out with the day care kidsfor a walk and its 72 today
    Finished up until season 12 of Call the Midwife
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    Allie ~ Those are a lot of eggs! Are they coming from a chicken farm. Smiles seems to love them and is very careful.

    Rebecca ~ Eli looks like sweet little soul. So calm!

    Anna ~ Congrats on the loose clothing. I have noticed lately that some of my pants are really tight and I wish I could make myself exercise more.

    Heather ~ Glad to hear you finally got the cruise cancelled and will not have to worry so much about the money.

    Michele ~ I know this sounds dumb, but, what is a bridge. Is it just to fill the space where you had a tooth pulled?

    It's a rainy, rainy Spring day in Georgia!

    Carol in Georgia
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    Stat for the day-

    Walk w/family- 2hrs 15min 59sec, 113elev, 2.63ap, 6.13mi= 582c
    Strava app = 751c
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    She has chickens at the house..so they collect eggs.. don't know what she does with them all.
    Stopped to see them this afternoon Tracy getting a little belly..looks adorable..but im guessing she will let us know what she is having at 16 weeks after the drs appointment.