Favorite Protein Powders

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Back in the day, there was whey protein and I just needed to find a good tasting one. Now I feel as though there are all kinds of protein powders. Any insight in to which is best for weight loss?


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    Protein powder is a food-like (ultraprocessed) thing that has nutrients and calories. It isn't special when it comes to weight loss. If you have trouble getting enough protein from real food, protein powder may be useful for getting adequate protein on reduced calories. If you eat dairy and tolerate it well, whey protein is still good, probably one of the best: Complete (in essential amino acids, EAAs), quite bioavailable, and reasonably neutral tasting (in the unflavored versions).

    If you get adequate protein from food, there's no need to use protein powder.

    Weight loss is directly about calorie intake. Eat fewer calories than we burn (in all ways, including just being alive), and we'll burn fat to make up the deficit. Nutrition has only an indirect effect on weight loss, if sub-ideal nutrition tanks energy level (so we move less) or spikes appetite (so we can't stick to calorie goal). The direct effect is still via calories.

    Best wishes!
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    I'm mostly on "team whey," choosing an unflavored/unsweetened whey concentrate powder, which works fine for my applications - added to oatmeal, included in bread dough (I bake about 80% of what we eat), in some sauces, etc. In these ways, whey (see what I did there, LOL) isn't usually a big taste component, but I've adapted anyway. I used to try in it a shaker cup as a drink; that was an acquired taste and I didn't want to add a lot of other things, so I dropped the drink method. My go-to brand is Jarrow.

    I sometimes switch up, using pea protein powder. Very mild, faintly pea-like (at least the Whole Foods 365 version I usually use), but does cook into other things differently than whey.

    Some people like peanut powder, I'm so-so with it, preferring the food rather than the powder. I also use nutritional yeast as a supplement (B vitamins with a bit of protein), but that carries a distinct flavor profile (some folks say "cheesy").

    I'm 70yo, adding more protein to my diet since I'm presuming my "protein metabolism" isn't as efficient as it used to be, and wanting only a moderate boost so as to not impact my kidneys with extra protein processing. And not ading a super bunch of calories to boot.

    Good luck in your search.

    PS - during the pandemic, we had some difficulties getting groceries supplied, so I checked out a few odd delivery options. One was, believe it or not, "Soylent." No, and contrary to Charlton Heston ("Solyent is .... PEOPLE!" - if you don't recognize the movie reference, it's "Soylent Green" circa 1972-ish). It was OK, marketed as a full meal replacement, not just a protein powder. I didn't see the need to continue past the first bottle, but I saw nothing wrong with it, per se, except maybe price, and I didn't buy into the underlying presumption that meal replacement in this way was suitable. As you might infer from all the above, I'm not a fan of sweet and flavored powder additions; I go for plain stuff and let food itself be the flavor.
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    I get most of my protein from beef, foul, fish, yogurt, cottage cheese and milk. Is it any wonder my favorite protein boosters are jerky and whey protein?
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    My favorite protein is Truvani! It’s plant based with simple clean ingredients. I use chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, and vanilla flavors and love them all. I add the vanilla to many recipes for flavor and extra protein.
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    My absolute favorite. I’m intolerant to lactose, cassein, soy, whey etc… this is only one that doesn’t bother me. And it’s delicious.
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    I love the 1st Phorm protein.
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    My favorite whey protein is Terra. Any flavor (or unflavored) is good. It mixes easily and has minimal ingredients, no weird aftertaste.