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*Would welcome accountability friends!*

Hi all, I'm Julian.

I just finished my Masters degree in Psychology and Education and am working full time. I am starting at 282lbs - the heaviest I have ever been. I have borderline high blood pressure. If I continue to neglect my body, I will lose years off my life.

My weight really became out of control in the last five or so years after I had a back injury and an emotional breakdown, both of which caused me to develop chronic pain and fatigue. These are my greatest obstacles to regular exercise as it often hurts much more than it used to to exercise (I used to love running and weights, but now causes a lot of pain).

I also have ADHD and autism, so it is a constant uphill battle to organise my life. I have worked really hard to get a great education and to start working towards better career prospects, but my executive function difficulties have meant that something slipped - healthy eating and exercise being the first to fall off the agenda.

I want to get to 190lbs by making positive and serious improvements to my eating and exercise habits. Ideally, I want to reach a point where my fatigue and pain levels are extremely manageable and no longer impact my life like they do now.

I would love to have likeminded souls to work on goals with and hype along the way. 30 is a good time to be making these positive changes so that the habits are there long-term. That is why I am writing this post, so that I can get ahead while I still have time to correct these issues and lead a happier life.

Looking forward to connecting with many of you and hopefully celebrating our successes together in the near future!

Cheers, Julian x


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    Hi Julian! I am likewise (almost) 30, autistic, and have ADHD, from Canada. Congratulations on completing your education!

    I've just recently started watching my health again and so far so good. I'm also looking for some friends to keep up with and hopefully keep me engaged. So far I weigh everything I eat down to the gram 💪

    I'll send you a request!
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    I’m an elder autistic! Also adhd and am physically disabled.
    Welcome to MFP! You can do this. The only way to fail is to quit.

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    I'm UK based with rather more to lose but happy to be a pal on here.
    I am neuro-spicy too but have ADD (no hyperactivity) and a total lack of any impulse control with the inability to form habits and the superpower of hyper-focus on one food to the point of saturation then abandoning it for years. All the powers of anti weightloss in one rather spherical body!
    Happy to be added by anyone for mutual support