Howdy, y'all!

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Hey everyone.

Not new to MFP, and think I may have even introduced myself before. Lol.

Currently 52 years old, male living in Canada. Current weight is 290 lbs with a body fat percentagethat's about 55% - seriously. Goal weight is 185 lbs and 10% body fat. I'm 5'7" tall, but very big boned (like, noticeably). So I won't have an issue with 185. I do have some health concerns (herniated disc in my lower back, arthritis in both knees, a tirn meniscus in my right knee, shoulder issues, asthma, (recent) chest pains, depression and anxiety.

Live a pretty seditary life. Been trying to "lose" weight for a number of years. Haven't been successful mostly because of ... me. I need to make a difference and not "lose" but lose fat

Open to chatting and making connections. Let's motivate each other?

And yes, I have a wicked sense oglf humour. 😁


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    Hi I'm 52 female and living in the UK happy to be added for mutual support.
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    Welcome! Congratulations om taking an important first step to health and wellness!

    Are you logging your food? We can help you problem solve any roadblocks you might have along the way.

    Are you doing any physical activity?

    MFP is a great place for nonjudgmental support.