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Hello My name is Crystal and I am new here. I'm 47 years old. I started using the app due to my health conditions because it's very hard for me to keep track if I'm getting enough nutrition or not. I have a very limited amount of foods that I can eat that don't aggravate my symptoms. Which can often leave me barely eating anything somedays. I won't lie I'm kind of glad I've been losing weight but it's in the wrong way. So I'm trying to find ways to get what I need nutritionally through food so I'm using different apps to stay healthy in the meantime. This one has been the easiest one to use. I realize that there aren't very many people who suffer from gastroparesis but I do know there are a lot of people who also suffer from many other digestive related disorders. I'm looking to make friends with other people who are going through something like me. Who are just trying to meet their nutritional needs and stay healthy Despite their limitations or disabilities. But even if you don't suffer from anything like these I'm still looking for friends who are interested in learning more about nutrition and staying healthy.


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    Around 22 years old I kept getting heart burn. It was so bad stomach acid would come up into my mouth and burn my throat. I would guzzle milk and over the counter heart burn tablets and nothing worked. The Dr put me on Omezapraole and that was that.

    Years later I bought it up with another Dr as I didn't want to be on pills forever. Sent me to hospital and they decides to stuck a tube down my throat, into my stomach and add a little monitor thing for me to wear for a while to see what was happening.

    Turns out I have a hiatial hernia, some weird nodules that where caused by stomach acid getting into my throat and my sometimes when I swallow it just kinda fails and food gets trapped on the way down.

    Also, any freshly opened fizzy drink triggers hiccups, even a tiny sip.

    I was offered an operation for it but I didn't like the sound of the risks, nerve damage and pooping yourself multiple times a day.

    I've since gone onto carnivore diet and I'm finding I can skip a few days of pills now without getting too much discomfort from heartburn
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    Have you come across Living Well with Gastroparesis? It was an amazing resource when I had gp. The lady that wrote it and runs the site finally ended up getting the pacemaker type implant and has had amazing results, if I remember correctly. I had idiopathic gastroparesis for a couple of years and it was a really rough time. Luckily for me, it resolved, so I totally sympathize!