Beans and nuts. HELP!

So lately beans and nuts have been really messing up my calorie count. I'm cutting right now and have been eating at 1700/day for the past few weeks, but I need high protein to feel full and like eating at 100g protein a day.

The problem is, a lot of my protein intake comes from beans and nuts, which are VERY high in calories. However, they're also really nutrient dense, and virtually every article I find on them says beans and nuts are super healthy for you and great for weight loss. Mixed messages! Do I cut them out or not? Should I just reduce intake despite also reducing protein and nutrients?


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    Beans and nuts are calorie dense and protein scarce comparatively speaking to animal protein and with much poorer quality and bioavailability to boot. The only decent plant protein on a calorie basis is soy, but then your forced to eat soy products, sorry not a soy fan in the least. Do you have a problem consuming animal protein?
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    I love beans and nuts but if you’re going for low calorie high protein, you’re better off with stuff like cottage cheese, white fish, chicken, tuna and even reduced fat cheese. If your vegetarian / vegan then a pea protein powder might be worth considering.
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    How many calories and protein are you getting from these beans and nuts?

    If it’s too many cals - consider a different food source for protein.

    Seafood is my high protein low cal choice… check it out.
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    I love nuts but only eat about 15 grams at a time as a garnish. Consider them a fat source, not a protein source. Avoid sources of information that tout nuts for weight loss but fail to mention this.

    Please advise if you are vegan. I do support ethical veganism, but will go in very different directions depending on if you are vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or omnivore.
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    I'm vegan so I eat a lot of beans. Beans have given me such a huge jump in my happiness, weight maitenance and energy. Nuts and seeds I use sparingly but do use Naked brand peanut butter powder. I love beans, expecially chickpeas. Try adding some nutrient dense volume type foods like leafy greens, cruciferous and soluble fiber filling foods. I eat tofu and tempeh, complete protein. And very filling.

    People really over estimate the amount of protein they need. Truly lean muscle is from resistance, calories and nutrients support this.

    I have an awesome recipe I make, chickpeas, wheat bran or wheat germ, powdered peanut butter, splash almond milk, maybe dates. Blend at high speed. Serve on a bowl and spread on a low xal pita, sproutedbread, plain rice cake or lower carb bread. It is so awesome.

    I also mix beamswith buckwheat groats and sometimes miracle rice. THAT is really filling.
    Maybe add edamae, tofu, tempeh and if not gluten sensitive seitan.
    I was a super gluten free nut until some things changed I'm my knowledge, then through trial and error ce to a whole new way of nutrition. I would not give up for the world 😁😋
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    Soybeans have the highest protein of all beans. If you're keeping your protein goal the same, that means you can reduce calories to get the same protein by swapping out other beans for soybeans.

    Im an omnivore, and I'm still very happy eating tempeh due to its good taste/texture/nutrition
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    Have you looked into alternative types of foods? What about quinoa? I've had that as a breakfast cereal; doesn't take long to cook and you can add a little cinnamon and/or almond milk if you prefer.