Worst compliment you've ever gotten.



  • riouxha
    riouxha Posts: 995 Member
    guy: hey you're pretty hot!
    me: uh thanks.
    guy: yah i dont normall go for bigger girls.

    gee... thanks bud
  • melting_glass
    melting_glass Posts: 105 Member
    Me a few years ago - *lost weight*
    My grandpa - "Now THAT'S my granddaughter!"

    Um..really? Wow. Who was I before?...
  • V0lver
    V0lver Posts: 915 Member
    "Wow you're short, you don't even need to bend over." That was probably one of the more disgusting ones.

    jeez!:noway: :noway:
  • From a female co-worker (only a couple of years older than I am), "If I had a face like yours, I'd make damn sure my body matched".
  • PaleoChocolateBear
    PaleoChocolateBear Posts: 2,844 Member
    We like you, you're not like normal black people
  • shannongoneau
    shannongoneau Posts: 246 Member
    I was at a baby shower for a friend with the same name as me
    Lady "You look great for being, what, 6 months pregnant"
    Me: "Ah thanks but I'm not pregnant and the lady you're looking for is 8 months pregnant"
  • ademiter
    ademiter Posts: 176 Member
    We like you, you're not like normal black people
    WHAAAAA??? Can't believe someone said that! Geez!
  • oDDnySS
    oDDnySS Posts: 69 Member
    "You look thin...from behind." Compliments of my grandmother- clearly she's not a very nice person hahaha
  • You're pretty..., for a black girl ......... AND......................... You're too pretty to be black..... BOTH more than once :(
  • KayLasMack
    KayLasMack Posts: 85 Member
    Sadly it's too explicit for this site! :sad: :indifferent: But yeah! It was horrible!
  • oDDnySS
    oDDnySS Posts: 69 Member
    You're a pretty girl, period.
  • "You could be a model!...from the neck up."
  • lafilleavectoi
    lafilleavectoi Posts: 125 Member
    "Thick girls need love too"
  • Sallybally55
    Sallybally55 Posts: 97 Member
    Ugh- my boyfriends sister told him that I have "such a pretty face" which he shared with me as he thought it was a compliment....

    I was like Thanks! wait... burn!
  • Maryaly40
    Maryaly40 Posts: 551 Member
    Friend of my brother's from HS who I haven't seen in quite awhile:

    Guy: Hey Mare, you look good.
    Me: Thanks!
    Guy: Ya know, alot of people get weird with compliments, now I'm not trying to get in your pants or anything like that"

    So, I look good but not good enough to bang? Fabulous.
  • Mutant13
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    We like you, you're not like normal black people

  • KT193
    KT193 Posts: 33 Member
    You don't look fat, all the extra weight must be on your boobs!! Grr
  • dizzow
    dizzow Posts: 65
    This ones for my dd. My mil is always mentioning our weights. "Have you lost any weight?" "Are you doing anything about your weight?" (she is very well padded herself) Or, if we are visiting, she may poke you in the belly. Anyway, my dd, wanting to avoid all the nonsense and impress her upon a visit, lost several pounds. When my sil said something about how "skinny" my daughter was, my mil says, "Oh, I've seen her skinnier."

    Not a compliment: On another visit to see the mil, we were out to dinner, waiting to be seated. My husband, and I were the same weight at that time. My mil turns to ME and asks, "Are you going to be able to fit in a booth or do you need a chair?"
  • "You have a pretty face, it's just that you have too much makeup on. "

    Got that from a guy......I was speechless ...:cry:
  • gkwatra
    gkwatra Posts: 431 Member
    You've really lost weight! You're not sick, are you??