ever met a famous person face to face?



  • TheRunningGuppy
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    Jay Leno once at show in Reno (front row seats, was really cool!)

    Then last spring John Cena was in the area where I live working on a documentary with another wrestler (whose name involved "Daniels" I think but I don't recall exactly, and who grew up in my current neighborhood), and turned out he was staying at a house about a quarter mile from mine. Got a glimpse of him while I was riding my bike past taking my kiddo to school. Didn't actually meet him though. Took me a little bit to figure out why a bunch of high school age guys were hanging out on the side of the road... lol
  • EddieHaskell97
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    Sure! I work as a movie extra and have met some famous people that way. Also, I was a groupie in the late 80's, so I partied with some bands, too. I've met a lot of politicians, musicians and actors in my life, too many to count, really.

    Although crazy, Ted Nugent was probably the most different in person than his public persona. He was a total gentleman, which surprised me. Professional athletes are always the douchiest.

    That sounds like a lot of fun!

    Uhm, I've met the last five Presidents of the United States, and I met Aisha Tyler two weeks ago.
  • tomwatso
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    Eric Clapton
  • Tiernan1212
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    I've met mostly bands, Linkin Park a few times (I moderate a couple of their messageboards), Alice in Chains (post Layne Staley unfortunately), Incubus, and New Kids on the Block (yup, I admit it haha).

    The one celebrity I have always wanted to meet is Alan Alda, he fascinates me :smile:
  • lucystacy71
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    Bruce Campbell.

    That's about it for me. I'm a little envious of some of you here.
  • WeepingAngel81
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    I met Dave Matthews. He is amazing!

    I'm pretty sure that my fiance would have a heart attack and die after ****ting his pants. At this point he's met all the members except Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds, though he's been to so many concerts it probably sort of counts.

    If he ever does meet him he will be impressed. He's a very sincere person. My local radio station was doing a big contest about 11 years go for a supper before the show. I ended up winning after being qualified. We had to play a trivia game against another person and then you were qualfied to have your name drawn. I took my best friend and we were just in awe! There were other people there who had won as well so it wasn't one on one or anything like that, but he was just so normal he seemed to fit in with all of us "little" people
  • sarantonio
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    Im jealous of you!!! Bruce Campbell!!
  • EddieHaskell97
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    Tommy Lee - I was getting coffee in San Francisco...I wasn't impressed
    Josh Groban - That was an amazing experience.

    I had read that Tommy is a total primadona d-bag whiner...
    I'm jealous about meeting Josh!
  • MsPudding
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    Many years ago I met Princess Diana at a local fireworks display where she was with Princes Harry and William - we got talking when Harry fell over and I picked him up. Met Prince Charles a few times and the Queen once.

    Again, many years ago I had a beer with The Edge from U2 as ours was the only table in the pub garden with space when he came in a couple of people. Had a beer with the Stereophonics under pretty in the same situation. A bunch of us from work years back were in a London park at lunch playing softball and Woody Harrelson strolled up and asked if he could join in - he was great fun.

    Passed by numerous famous faces in London, but I figure they don't count if you didn't talk to them.
  • fionarama
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    I was taking the tube work one day in London and Liam Gallagher got on it. He was with some mates and wasted obviously still up from the night before. He looked straight at me grinned and winked. No one else seemed to notice. It was kind of a moment.
    It was really wierd as one day I saw a random music video of one of his songs and pretty much the same scenario so I reckon he remembered it and played it out.
    Anyway I'm not surprised about the whole affair thing cos he wsan't really acting very married. (this was years ago not sure who his wife was at the time).
  • jenns1964
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    You have to be my age or older to remember the gorgeous Jan -Michael Vincent. His brother was married to my late sister. We celebrated every Thanksgiving at his mom & dad's and he and the other guys would play their guitars and sing.
    JDHINAZ Posts: 641 Member
    Alice Cooper - he shops at the same Target I do
    Daryl Hall - shared an elevator with him, then a tram
    Bob Ueker - on a golf course
  • Musikelektronik
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    I was in Montreal going through the Airport when I hit my luggage cart against the guy in front of me. I ran up to him and said OMG, I am so sorry and he says to me..That is ok. Than I realized it was OJ Simpson and Al Cowlings just after he was acquitted.

    You're lucky. OJ beheaded the last woman who ticked him off! :laugh:
  • Kjriley02
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    My fiance saved Neil Gaiman from a drunk on NYE. This dude was like hanging on him and being obnoxious and my fiance got between them so Neil could breathe. Also met Amanda Palmer.

    Love! Lucky you.
  • TheGirlsATimeBomb
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    I met Alan Rickman. He was sweet. He kissed me on the cheek.
  • maggie16sweetxoxo
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    Beau mirchoff, alec baldwin, ryan gosling, kendra, kenny chesney

    And those were not at meet and greets- just on the street ! Haha people always say how i must have a celebrity sensor lol
  • Aparz1
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    Stephen Lynch

    If this is referring to Congressman Lynch.... he was my neighbor when I lived in South Boston :) Nice guy. I have met multiple celebs and politicians due to family connections. Met Shirley McClain, Edward Norton, Ted Turner, several of the Rockefellers, Hillary Clinton, Richard Gere, Kevin Bacon, Celine Dion etc. Edward Norton was prob my fav :)
  • TheGirlsATimeBomb
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    I met Alan Rickman. He was sweet. He kissed me on the cheek.

    oh and warrington gillette
    he told me i had nice tits.
  • logicman69
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    I used to work at a guitar store, so I've met several musicians. I got to hang out with Zack Wylde on his tour bus during an OzzFest. I've met The guys from Twisted Sister (Mark Mendoza the bass player is a really cool guy). I've also met George Benson and Steve Bailey (jazz musicians).

    I'm sure I have met more, but I am not a star struck person. If people came in while they were on tour, I wouldn't know.
  • ginakiki
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    ok ready.....I met alot of clebs