ever met a famous person face to face?



  • jolt28
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    Danny Trejo - nice but so much shorter than I expected.
    Gary Busey - yep, he's odd
  • becky10rp
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    Chris Farley was on a plane I was on (from DC to NYC) - he was in his Newt Gingrich get-up............he flew coach - sat in the rear of the plane. My husband and I were sitting in the middle of the plane - when he passed us, I got all flustered and started jabbing my husband, screaming 'IT'S JIM HURLEY' (I got so flustered I completely screwed up his name)! He was very un-assuming........
  • LaurenEileen74
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    Went on a bunch of dates with David Lee Roth in the 90's down in Miami. I've met Steven Tyler as well.
  • Met a few

    Leslie Nielsen
    Mel Gibson

    and many musicians. :D
  • GadgetGuy2
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    President Ford, Betty Ford, Leonard Firestone, Max Factor, Delores Hope, Chuck Conners, Doris Day, Barbara Eden. A few others I've forgotten...oh yea William Holden.
  • AbstractAsterism
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    I've met a few, but the two that stick out:

    I called Tom Cruise short to his face. Seriously. I'm 5'4" and look down on the guy. 18 year old me: "Dude, you're short." Him: "Yeah, I know!"

    The other was when I was working at a leather shop in PA. This guy came in as I was sitting at the industrial sewing machine making a purse. We chatted for a bit, I thought he looked familiar but couldn't place him. He asked me what I was doing, yadda yadda. Then he haggled with my coworker over the price of an $80 belt buckle.

    He left after sitting on our front steps with his wife for a bit, then a friend of my coworker's came in. "OHMYGODOHMYGODDIDYOUKNOWWHOTHATWASOHMYGOD!!!!" We had no clue.

    It was Jon Bon freakin' Jovi. And yes, he's hot in person!
  • ginakiki
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    ok ready.....I met alot of clebs

    1. Fred Armisen
    2. Jim Breuer
    3. Rachel Dratch
    4. Jimmy Fallon
    5. Will Forte
    6. Ana Gasteyer
    7. Darrell Hammond
    8. Chris Kattan
    9. Maya Rudolph
    10 Horatio Sanz
    11. Amy Poehler
    12. Lorne Michaels

    13. Zach Braff
    14. Drew Barrymore
    15. Brittney Murphy
    16. Fabrizio Moretti
    17. Carey Hart ( PINKS HUBBY)
    18 Amanda Bynes Before she went crazy
    19. Geri Hall

    thats not including bands
  • ginakiki
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    theres more can't think right now
  • PaulHalicki
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    Yes I have.
  • mbryanlpc
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    I have met Barry Manilow (he autographed a book he wrote), Tone Loc (tried to shake his hand, he said "oh no baby, got to have a hug. Kinda gross, because he was all sweaty from dancing, but very cool), The band Fuel, was so starstruck by Brett Scallions it isn't even funny, and my favorite was Ron Jeremy. Stood in line for 2 hours to meet him. Very funny, very sweet guy :)
    That is all. Want to meet Steven Tyler & Joe Perry & Christopher Walken soooo much!!!
  • Dunkirk
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    My 19 year old son punched a celebrity last month. It happened in a pub. The celebrity had a girl by the neck and was about to punch her, so my son rescued her by punching the celebrity (he had to be quick). Turned out the girl was a bloke with a pony tail. My son was escorted from the venue by 4 security guards. Turns out, the celebrity had been obnoxious and inappropriate to other patrons, including girls, and my son got a lot of high fives outside the venue as other patrons left. All that training when my son was little "You don't hit girls, " 'kind of' paid off.
  • GiddyupTim
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    I met my grandfather and he was famous in Council Bluffs, Iowa. He was a high school principal for 30 years in that fairly small town, and he has a middle school named after him. Back in the day, we were treated like in that town, and everyone you met had a story.
    During the Great Depression, he went out and offered overly-qualified, out-of-work people jobs teaching if they just got themselves to Council Bluffs. Then, he was able to keep them there by flattering them and making them feel needed. I do not know all the teachers he had; but I know he had a shop teacher who had a PhD from MIT and I know the music teacher had performed in Carnegie Hall.
    At least two college presidents came out of his high school. One was a president of Harvard!
  • Jersey_Devil
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    tons. used to work for one.
  • FrauHaas2013
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    I grew up in So Cal so yes, plenty! And when I worked for a city in Ventura County I did all the film permits for them - I was often invited to watch the filming and meet people. It was fun!
  • shellma00
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    Derek Ray

    Hes in:
    Payday 2
    A Taste of Romance

    Been on TV shows:
    Mad Men
    True Blood
    Tons more, you can look him up on IMDb

    He grew up in the town right by mine. Met him in High School. He always says hi and talks when I see him if he is home visiting his family.

    Edited to say.. we are from very small towns in Southern Illinois so it is not very common that someone from here becomes famous.
  • nena49659
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    Stephen Lynch

    If this is referring to Congressman Lynch.... he was my neighbor when I lived in South Boston :) Nice guy. I have met multiple celebs and politicians due to family connections. Met Shirley McClain, Edward Norton, Ted Turner, several of the Rockefellers, Hillary Clinton, Richard Gere, Kevin Bacon, Celine Dion etc. Edward Norton was prob my fav :)

    My daughter LOVES Edward Norton.
  • Andy_83
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    Stephen Lynch

    Bloody love Stephen Lynch. The comedian not the congressman :-).
  • beepermad
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    Reba McIntyre told me to **** off once.

    I was 8.
  • exmsde
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    Yes. And there are some I know. But I'll only mention one of the coolest accidental meetings. A few of us from work were doing something over the weekend. When we stopped to pick up one of our colleagues she introduced us to her husband and father-in-law. My jaw dropped. Her father-in-law was Hans Bethe. For those who don't know who Hans Bethe was (he passed away in 2005) you can read his Nobel Prize bio at http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/physics/laureates/1967/bethe-bio.html
  • vickyplum
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    I've met Jonathan Ross (in Blackpool with his wife), a few of the cast of Eastenders (when Nick Berry and Lofty and a very young Ricky Butcher was in it, I was working in the hotel they stayed at) Scotland Rugby Team and Dunfermline Football Club