ever met a famous person face to face?



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    I was a medic in the Navy
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    Do politicians count? I shook hands with the president, a few senators, and I've seen the Emperor of Japan. All when I was in the Air Force. Oh, and I've ran into the cast of Hawaii 5-0 a few times while they filmed on base.
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    I wish I knew how to post pictures here. A friend of mine who is a artist and I met Jerry once. My friend had made a charcture of him and Jerry signed it "To the second greatest artist in the world, I am the first!" I guess jerry is very talented

    Use image tags with lower case img - link here

    I've met my celebrities at the local science fiction convention: Peter Mayhew is probably the most famous. I would've loved to have a picture taken with him, but I didn't want to be an asshat and ask the poor guy to stand up (he uses a cane). I met Dominic Keating at Sci Fi o the Rock this year (see avatar).
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    Tommy Lee - I was getting coffee in San Francisco...I wasn't impressed
    Josh Groban - That was an amazing experience.
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    Sarah McLaughlin used to shop at the grocery store I worked at all through University. She was always very sweet, a little bit awkward, and a lot shorter than I would have guessed.

    Bob Saget was filming at my high school once and he was kind of ridiculous. he had someone drive him across the gravel feild in a truck and was waving to everyone out the window. Nobody cared because in high school everyone is trying way too hard to be cool and aren't goignto get excited over the Full House guy.
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    My fiance saved Neil Gaiman from a drunk on NYE. This dude was like hanging on him and being obnoxious and my fiance got between them so Neil could breathe. Also met Amanda Palmer.

    Lucky! Neil Gaiman is my favorite author.
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    I was in Montreal going through the Airport when I hit my luggage cart against the guy in front of me. I ran up to him and said OMG, I am so sorry and he says to me..That is ok. Than I realized it was OJ Simpson and Al Cowlings just after he was acquitted.
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    I've partied with U2 at their afterparty and REM showed up. Bono was super cool; the Edge was boring and went to bed early.
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    We didn't actually meet, but i was in a crowd scene of A League of Their Own with Tom Hanks, Rosie O'Donnell, Madonna and Rita Petty.

    Former Southern Indiana resident here-- getting a laugh out of this one. :) Love that the stadium still has all the signage and stuff.

    As for me, I don't think the host of The Amazing Race counts, even though he was incredibly nice.
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    Wyane Brothers on my 18th bday gave me a kiss on the cheek too :heart:
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    Raymond Felton- NY Knicks
    Chris Canty- Baltimore Ravens
    Thomas Davis- Carolina Panthers
    Gerald Wallace- Boston Celtics
    Fantasia- Has been american idol winner
    Tommy Hilfiger-Has been designer
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    Going back a long time ago --

    Bobby Orr - Boston Bruins.
  • I worked as security at concerts. I met many people. Aretha Franklin (nice person) Bruce Springstein (nice person) Bonjovi ( nice person) Jimmy Buffet ( fun fun guy ) a few rap stars, most where arrogant. Sir Elton John....(nice guy) I met many more I cant remember....

    I met Stephen King. Didn't know who he was except for his strange lookin eye brows. Started to throw him out, but was told he had access.....

    Al Michaels. Al is a very unique guy.

    I could keep going and going.....
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    Groped Gavin DeGraw when he was high as *kitten* at a concert, then went and hung out with Missy Higgins, who was also stoned... Basically have met up with a lot of people through the love of green :D
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    I've met quite a few bands...AFI, Horrorpops, Tiger Army, VersaEmerge. And I met the cast of Glee years ago and also Robert Pattinson b/c the company I used to work for did autograph signings for fans. I plan on meeting Tom Felton and John Barrowman this weekend at a local comic con.
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    How about rock stars?

    Chris Cornell - blue eyes are even bluer in person!
    Robbie Merrill - bassist for Godsmack. Supposed to meet the entire band but the *kitten* didn't show. But Robbie was very kick *kitten*.

    And probably others I don't remember from my drunken rock chick phase...
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    Beau mirchoff, alec baldwin, ryan gosling, kendra, kenny chesney

    And those were not at meet and greets- just on the street ! Haha people always say how i must have a celebrity sensor lol

    That's an impressive list! I've met a few famous people, but by far the most famous was Larry King. I ran into him at the airport in Newark, NJ, many years ago and chatted with him for a bit.

    Recently, I also met Tony Horton, who's pretty famous nowadays for the P90X thing.
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    I met Al Barr and Ken of the Dropkick Murphys. I ran into the guys from the band Europe (the final countdown), of course had no idea who they were until after, but had a nice chat.
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    Mariah Carey when I worked for a limo company. We weren't allowed to speak to her or look at her. We had to keep our eyes averted at all times.