Girls with booties



  • Chieflrg
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    Jeggins ! They always fit perfect!



    Ladies, I concur about Jeggins. A few of the blessed ladies wear them well here.

    Also a little on the pricey side but Harley Davidson puts out a very stylish but comfortable pair as well if you have gluteus maximus.
  • cafeaulait7
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    I'm hoping to have that problem again, but I gained most all my weight in my waist! It was kind of strange, lol.

    What I find hard with jeans is how the back seam kind of sits flat between both cheeks without enough curve for each cheek. Do y'all know what I mean? I don't want my jeans all up in my crack but a little more curvage would seem appropriate for some bodies! I like stretch jeans best so it doesn't do that and look so weird.
  • BusyRaeNOTBusty
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    I have a 28" waist and 41" hips and butt.

    Levi's 515 from Kohls.

    Curvy fit skinny from Target (still have to belt these, and go up a size but at least they go past my thighs).
  • ladymiseryali
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    Yup, definitely have that issue! 26 inch waist and 38 inch hips. I'm a size 8 in Old Navy jeans. The Sweetheart bootcut looks really good on me. I HATE skinny jeans!
  • willrun4bagels
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    I have a booty and need jeans with a 37" inseam. I like Victoria's Secret extra long jeans, but they're usually too loose in the waist if they fit my butt.

    Tall girl problem: I wear tall boots most of the time in winter, so I cheat and actually wear short people jeans during the winter if they fit everything else nicely. I'll buy jeans in a 32" inseam (so they're really capri length on me) and just tuck them into my boots. No one knows!
  • seed_of_wonder
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    ugh i don't even wear jeans anymore. i have thin legs and wide hips so it either baggy on the thighs or too tight on my waist.
  • 20Grit
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    I have the same issue, I like Rock revival easy boot stretch, and Silver Aiko
  • punkyjones
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    I have the same issue with jeans being too big around the waist if they fit my butt/hips!
  • MityMax96
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    in for booties and hour glass figures. :drinker: :drinker:

    You rock ladies. :smile:
  • Swehl
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    American Eagle!!

    Also, I recently found that JCP has good skinny jeans that work with a more shapely behind :)
  • randomtai
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    I never have problems when I wear a belt.
  • FitGirlMD
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    Get the waist taken in if the rest fits great. Learned that one on Oprah..
  • greeneyes0809
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    In for booty envy :love:
  • BinaryPulsar
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    I have this issue also. And I am also very tiny, but my booty is 11-12 inches bigger than my waist. So, I have to find jeans in a small size, and still fit my curves. My favorite jeans are a dark blue boot cut from Banana Republic and I wear the 00petite. They have stretch in the booty and hold their shape well. For my other pants I have to take them to the tailor and they can take the waist in at the back. It's very easy and not expensive.
  • babyj0
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    I would get jeggings.... or I usually buy my jeans at the swap meet where all the Mexican girls buy them. Not very good material, but they are stretchy. :tongue:
  • Azurite27
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    I have the same problem, big thigh, smaller waist. I just found some great "curvy" jeans at Maurice's yesterday. I was even able to go down a size with the way they fit. Very roomy in the legs and hips with a snug waist.
  • pseudomuffin
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    Jeggings and yoga pants for days and days! Seriously that's all I wear.
  • SezxyStef
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    Anybody have a good place to buy jeans from?

    The Buckle

    Same issue here...silver jeans and old navy sweetheart style...those are great.
  • SezxyStef
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    Jeggins ! They always fit perfect!


    BAM!! you go girl!!!

    WOW...smokin' :smokin: :smokin: :smokin:
  • Vincentsz
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    Am I the only one who has an impossible time finding pants that fit these last couple of years? **** skinny jeans! A few years ago when low rise were the big thing I could fit in any pair of jeans. Now? Well, I'm all butt, thighs and calves so if the pants fit my lower section they're sure to be huge on my waist. And if the pants fit on my waist...well, I can't even pull them up past mid thigh. I can't be the only one with this problem! Anybody have a good place to buy jeans from? (PS-I'm not butt bashing. I kind of like how my body is shaped and men including my current one seem to like it.)

    Friend request sent!


    But I like big butts and I cannot lie!