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    A very major difference! Great job!
  • MurphmomSparkles
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    The two most effective changes I made was to start accurately counting all my calories without exception. And two, find a excercise routine that I could stay consistent with.

    Awesome job!
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    This is 45 lbs down, I still have about 50 to go but feeling pretty good about how far I’ve come.

    Wow! Way to go. Congrats 🎊.
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    Wow! Great job everyone! Very inspiring! This is definitely my favourite thread!
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    bic_flames wrote: »
    Been dieting for past year learning how nutrition works .

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    107kg to 96kg Summer 2018

    I currently sit at 105kg and look to cut down to 90kg for Summer 2019 to get in the best shape of my life! B)

    Hubba hubba!

    What's your abs routine?

    You don't need to do any direct ab work to get a 6 pack, that comes from losing the fat above it. he may have done ab work, but it is the fat loss that gave the definition, not the work. Most people that do heavy compound lifting don't require additional ab work to strengthen their core.