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    5'3' 156lbs VS 120lbs Age 56 Fitness is a lifestyle if I want to age gracefully. Menopause was the hardest challenge during my 36lb weight loss. Keep tracking and working out friends! You got this!

    congrats!! nice street glide too
  • You are amazing!
    So thankful to this app, made all the difference w319ijmcsxzp.jpeg

    OMG, Goals! You look amazing! How long did this take. Do you mind providing some insight into your journey? I started at 220 and am down to 200 but it's taking a LONG time...
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    Mid conquer

    How much more you have to go and how much have you lost so far? Great job.
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    Thanks Curtis. I messaged you 🙂
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    What a beautiful couple. How was it doing your weight loss as a couple. Bet you helped each other along the bumpy times! Your before and after pictures look like two different couples. You both look stupendously healthy and happy. Congratulations.