Need friends. :( Lacking support.



  • JMel86
    JMel86 Posts: 124 Member
    Hi, my name is Jill & ANYONE feel free to add me :) I love meeting new people, I'm active everyday, I love to cheer people on coz I know how hard it can be staying motivated. I'm 17lbs from first goal & 27lbs from my main goal for now, at least. I'd love to meet other motivated people :):):)
  • AcidWords21
    AcidWords21 Posts: 139 Member
    I log in daily & am very active. Feel free to add. I always am willing to give support & help the best I can. :)
  • therealblackdahlia
    therealblackdahlia Posts: 3,110 Member
    I sent you a request, add me if you like!
  • bnm1979
    bnm1979 Posts: 52 Member
    Y'all add me ????
    Mom of two beautiful girls, 6 & 2
    I have lost 60# in 8 months and maintained for 3 months
    Now looking to lose 20+ more and tone up!

    I ❤️ my ACE!
    30 day shred
  • mlindenmuth36
    mlindenmuth36 Posts: 35 Member
    Please add me! I just sweeped my friends list of people not commenting and am looking for fellow supporters!