What's the worst thing a man can say to a woman?



  • BlueBombers
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    When you cook something and he goes "I like my mother's version better".
  • tempehforever
    tempehforever Posts: 183 Member
    "You're just being hormonal."
  • _Krys10_
    _Krys10_ Posts: 1,234 Member
    You're hot as balls.....ICK
  • latenitelucy
    latenitelucy Posts: 1,314 Member
    calm down
  • BrainyBurro
    BrainyBurro Posts: 6,129 Member
    you'd be really hot if you just lost some weight.
  • Jerrypeoples
    Jerrypeoples Posts: 1,541 Member
    that time of the month eh?

    i do not like crust on my sammiches

    your sister did it better

    yes size does matter and yours is gaping

    so how open are you?
  • BrainyBurro
    BrainyBurro Posts: 6,129 Member

    moist is my favorite word.

  • Everyone is different but one thing I said to a woman that truly pissed her off was "I got bigger tits then you!!!!" using the fat *kitten* voice from Austin Powers.
  • RunDoozer
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    Put the toilet seat up when you're done with it.
  • Wow, your sister is SMOKING hot!!!
  • ItsMeGee3
    ItsMeGee3 Posts: 13,255 Member
    Looks you up and down and says, "You've put on a little weight."
  • BootCampC
    BootCampC Posts: 689 Member
    the worst is the same as the Best
    I Love you
  • jfcarlson713
    jfcarlson713 Posts: 108 Member
    That's not how MY Mom does it.......
  • MizTerry
    MizTerry Posts: 3,764 Member

    This is not good said at ANY time.
  • cjfitnessme
    cjfitnessme Posts: 97 Member
    when is the baby due (and she is not pregnant ).
  • Cre8veLifeR
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    My husband once said to me, and I kid you not:

    "I am so glad I stopped dating hot women and married someone normal like you." :noway:

    I said "Excuse me?" and he said "You know what I meant. Hot like snobby skinny blondes with fake boobs.":huh:

    Jerk. I was SO mad. I think that's the maddest I have ever been at him.
  • harphy
    harphy Posts: 290 Member
    Fat & old & ugly.
  • JoelleAnn78
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    Relax. :mad:


    Did you take your meds? :explode:
  • Sinisterly
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    You're hot as balls.....ICK
    What's wrong with balls?? :angry:
  • CMoeDee
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    Silence is the worst.


    I like you.