Anyone over 300 pounds when they started?



  • Skykilr1
    Skykilr1 Posts: 53 Member
    I was at my lifetime highest weight of 360 lb. Today after 5 months and 1 week I hit the -100 lb mark at 260 lb and still falling. Final goal will be 200 lb.

  • donohoe4
    donohoe4 Posts: 76 Member
    Way to go!!

    My highest weight was 352 just over 2 years ago.
  • starrylioness
    starrylioness Posts: 543 Member
    320 lbs...258 now!
  • Arydria
    Arydria Posts: 179 Member
    I have gotten discouraged lately because I don't seem to be losing my stomach at all? Any ideas anyone?

    Patience. I looked 9 months pregnant until I'd lost over 80lbs, and was close to 200. I started at 291. I still have a ton of lose skin and flab that I fear I will never lose.

    You're doing fantastic!! You ARE a success story!!
  • shysilverskies
    shysilverskies Posts: 13 Member
    My highest weight was 325 the beginning last year. I got down to 247, but then three months of my birthday and then the holidays, and I'm back up to 280. I start my diet again on Monday. Fingers crossed!
  • Leah_Alexis
    Leah_Alexis Posts: 139 Member
    Yes. Started at 325lbs and I'm at 233lbs. I've been at this for 13months. Still a ways to go but I'm loving the progress I've made. To think how I'll feel months from now... :)
  • dbern8295
    dbern8295 Posts: 1 Member
    304 on July 11th, 2013. That's when I decided to get serious. I'm at 277 (and losing more.....and more..... Hang in there! ) :happy:
  • gramarye
    gramarye Posts: 586 Member
    The highest I stepped on a scale was 290 ~ 295; it's possible I got a bit higher than that. I'm down at 254 now (with still a ways to go, lol).
  • VeganAmandaJ
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    Fantastic! Well done :)

    I started at 303lbs in Mar-13, down 90lbs with more to go (5'6" 41y-o),

    I started at 303 also! 44 down, 70-100 left, 5'7 30y-o. =D
    and Great job everyone!
  • FitnFeistyLyness
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    you guys all rock!! were transforming our lives! keep going..

    goal weight is 135.. i wont ever give up.
  • Dandman1990
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    330-274 for me so far. About halfway there. :ohwell:
  • booksgiver
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    Add me to the club. I was 339 at 5'2" and now down to 334, but it's taken me since 11/12. I would love some tips and input to keep me going.
  • airangel59
    airangel59 Posts: 1,887 Member
    I was close (275) when I started here a bit over 600 days ago, almost 5' 6" but 20+ years older than you OP. Hang in there, it IS doable. I'm a few lbs from where I "think" I want to be.
  • Hi all~ This is my first day, and I am actually getting teary eyed seeing all the great loss ! Awesome job ! You all rock !
  • ambience13
    ambience13 Posts: 23 Member
    I've gone from 297lbs to 185lbs and counting :smile:

    Not quite 300, but close. I'm very short too, 5'3.
  • mscountrygirl39456
    mscountrygirl39456 Posts: 113 Member
    Hi, I'm Amanda, I started out at 307 on April 2013 weighed 244.4 this morning!!!!!!
  • Sunshine2plus2
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    Yes I was 330pds! Have lost 115pds so far with 52 pds to go!! Good luck you got this!
  • mikemsu
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    I started out at 375 - I consider Feb. 5, 2013 as my starting day as that's the day I began drinking only water (cut out my diet pop completely). I ate good nutritious foods and kept my protein levels high for good muscle strength. I am currently at 217 having lost 158 pounds in less than a year (lost the majority of it in 10 months). I did lots of exercise and began strength training on Aug. 1 and my stomach has shrunk with me for the most part with minimal excess skin. I feel amazing and actually just went downhill skiing a week ago for the first time in 30 years!!! Stick with MFP and be honest in your tracking and intake and miracles can happen. I'm proof of that.
  • katsdragon2008
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    I started at 308 and I've only just begun and lost 9lbs. Here's to continued sucess.
  • kvan64
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    You sir are amazing. Thank you for sharing and giving such honest and sensible advice.