Anyone over 300 pounds when they started?



  • bigcle82
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    started at 320 on 1/28/13 now a year later 248. this site has been amazing. lost majority within 6 months lowest weight was 246
  • supergirl6
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    Congrats because you are already a success story!!!

    I started in the high 330s, I think 337. I'm at 254.5 as of this morning.

    So, you can't target an area of the body. You can work muscles there, but you can't target fat burn. Women tend to burn their stomachs last and usually it's the toughest. But the thing is, all bodies are different. We are all made up differently so one person might burn in one area quickly, while another takes a long time. Just generally women burn their stomachs slowly and last. Try not to get discouraged, because the best is yet to come. Keep going, let your body figure out what it needs to do, and let it do it. Don't hinge your whole happiness and feelings of success on one thing you can't control anyway. You'll just make yourself crazy!

    Full steam ahead! Don't give up now!
  • eleanorblack
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    Started at 303 and it's taken me two years to get to where I am now at 246. I got really, really stuck at 260ish for aaaaaages, but finally seem to be losing again. I always planned to do it slowly over 4 years (I lost 100lb in a year 7 years ago but put it all back on again when I changed jobs, couldn't exercise and had a baby! - so this time I'm going for steady and sustainable.

    My tummy is pretty small in proportion to the rest of me - my weight is all in my massive bum and fat legs! And I'd love if if there was a way to lose my double chin first!
  • aprilflower18232
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    Thank you everyone! I never considered myself a success story until now, but I suppose 85 pounds is awesome, although I know I have a lot to go. I am unsure of what my goal weight is, I tend to have smaller goals as I go along, first my goal was to get out of the 300's, next it was to lose 50 lbs, , then 75 and so on, my goal now is to lose 100, then it will be to be under 200, this way, each goal reached gives me reason to be happy!
  • SteveCabral94
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    1/1/14- 302
    1/31/14- 284
    Cardio everyday and weights 3 days a week Abs on non-weight days.
  • godsrose
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    Read later
  • tink11464
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    I started at 348 last February and I'm now 276 - - 41 to go to my goal of 235 (then I'll re-evaluate a new goal at that point)
  • JaceyMarieS
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    I started at 322 2 years ago. Still have my problem areas, but at least I'm dealing with smaller problems ;-)
  • scubasuenc
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    10/21/2013 - 310
    1/20/2014 - 266

    I still have 106 to go. A long road ahead, but after seeing so many success stories on MFP I am coming to believe I too can do it.
  • I was 325 pounds in December 2012. When December came back around in 2013 I had lost 100 pounds. Currently (according to the scale this morning) I am 215.8. My goal is 200.

    The belly will come off over time, however sometimes the skin gets stretched a good bit and you may have some lose skin. Typically this will go back into place if it hasn't been stretched too much. If it doesn't go back into place a year after you have lost the weight then it will likely need a doctor to consult about skin removal surgery.

    Keep up the good work, I can say from experience that it is difficult and worth it.
  • nicoleduo
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    i started mfp a little over two weeks ago. My starting weight was 335 lbs. I have lost 13 lbs so far with a lot more to go. pls feel free to add me as a friend. i need all the encouragement i can get. It helps to read these post, seeing someone else has gone or going through what i am. Keep on keeping on fitness pals, we can do this!
  • shmulyeng
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    I started on October 20th at 310 and weighed in last night at 248.6.

    The weekend usually costs me a couple of pounds. I hope to be at 250 even on Monday morning.
  • Luckee_me
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    You have done amazing.
    I started at over 400 pounds (scale limit) on 1/2/12.
    Still have a ways to go, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • dwoodmanjr
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    430 in June, 2011. I hope to be able to say I weigh half as much 3 years later - so about 50 to go in 4 months
  • Just like to say well done, that is really impressive. Keep up the good work :)
  • scarrletti_girl
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    holy moly. i didn't start over 300. but i just wanna say great work. you are all an inspiration :)
  • echofm1
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    Started at 343, down to 280, with still about 100 pounds to go.

    I know it can seem like your belly isn't shrinking at all, but it is. Do measurements, and take before/after pictures. I look in the mirror and feel like i haven't lost anything off my belly because it's still the same general shape. However, my measurements tell me that I've been losing the most weight off my belly, though my butt is a close second. I just also have a LOT of belly to lose, so it'll take the longest for it to go away I'm sure.

    If you're not doing pictures and measurements, start. They really do help see the difference that you can't every day in the mirror.
  • Normalg
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    Hi, I started at 321 and was down to189 but have put on a few :) 195
  • _EndGame_
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    I was 404lbs when I started, I'm now down to around 270lbs.

    I actually found it really easy, but now I seem to be struggling a bit. Not struggling in the sense I can't stick to my fitness plans or eating healthy, but struggling to see a result on the scales. Clothing is getting baggier, muscles are more defined (I swim 6 times a week) and I feel healthier, but the number on the scale isn't budging!
  • EDollah
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    Back in early April of 2013 I was 340 pounds. Lately I've been bouncing around the 213-215 range. I can tell I'm going to have a long, protracted battle with the mid-section. While the belly is a bummer, it is still very satisfying to have an entirely different health profile today than I did 10 months ago.