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Who else needs to lose 40-50 pounds?

lisawinning4losinglisawinning4losing Member Posts: 732 Member Member Posts: 732 Member
Hello! My name is Lisa and I'm here to lose at least 40 pounds the good old fashioned way: By counting calories! I've tried every crazy diet, from the paleo diet to the raw food vegan diet to everything in-between and I can't seem to stick to it. Plus, I hate a lot of cooking/preparing and washing dishes and stuff. So, I'm going to do it the same way I did it before.

About ten years ago I briefly gained some weight, then lost about 40 pounds just by counting calories, and also taking green tea diet pills which helped to control my appetite. I kind of "cheated" by using frozen dinners for lunch and dinner, which made it easy to count calories, but I would add extra frozen vegetables, and have a fresh organic salad with dinner every night. I'm now stocked up on frozen dinners, extra veggies, salad, etc, and have the green tea diet pills! Last time I did it by following a 1,500 calorie a day diet, so I want to stay at least below that. I kept the weight off for several years but recently put it back on again. So I'm going to follow the same system that worked before. So far today I've only had 270 calories (the egg sandwich I had for breakfast), and I took my green tea diet pill 20 minutes before eating to help control my appetite. (Before when I used them, they really helped!)

Right now I weigh about 180 and want to get down to at least 140. (Anything below 130 would be too thin for me.) I'm looking to make friends with other people who have similar goals. :)


  • will2lose72will2lose72 Member Posts: 128 Member Member Posts: 128 Member
    Hello! I'm working on at least 35-40 and see where that gets me. Feel free to add. Once you start tracking your frozen meals you might find they are very high in sodium. Just something to watch out for.

    Edit: Meant to add I also started at 183...
  • EvenThatNameIsTakenEvenThatNameIsTaken Member Posts: 164 Member Member Posts: 164 Member
    Hi, started at 197 and looking to get to 150! I am also looking for friends, particularly positive-minded ones. :)

    Sent you a friend request!
  • luulii35luulii35 Member Posts: 8 Member Posts: 8
    I am in the same boat, need to drop 45 lbs! Went from 300 with my 5th child down to 246, still got a long way to go. I'm new here also, so please feel free to add me!
  • motivatedx10motivatedx10 Member Posts: 7 Member Member Posts: 7 Member
    I need to lose at least 50 pounds! Best wishes to us all.:smile:
  • rushey2rushey2 Member Posts: 1 Member Posts: 1
    I weigh more now than I did with either one of my pregnancies. I have 3 twenty year reunions coming up and am not looking forward to seeing anyone in this shape. I want to feel better. I hope I can be committed to reporting.
  • Val_67Val_67 Member Posts: 23 Member Posts: 23
    Same boat here as well. I'm super short, so my current weight puts me at being medically obese. Trying to lose at least 40 pounds to get back in the healthy range. Also just trying to live a healthier lifestyle in general.
  • alt1268alt1268 Member Posts: 159 Member Member Posts: 159 Member
    For as much as we don't like to cook. Prepacked food is really bad for our health. It is not meant to be a diet fast food.
    Just as someone as already said you will soon discover ing one of the items these are high in sodium, they also have lots of preservatives.
    I hope as the weight starts coming off you will find that you will want to prepare meals and feel really good.
  • bkc81bkc81 Member Posts: 6 Member Member Posts: 6 Member
    I started my new journey dec 5th.
    I've lost 18lbs since then.
    I'm averaging 2lbs a week (I weigh in every fri).
    I stick to the 1200 calories and I workout at least 4/5 times a week.
    I'm 5'3 currently 183. Ideally it would be awesome to see the 140s again -I like being curvy(that was the lowest I have gotten since being a mom)
    I was about 115 before kiddos.
    But at the same time,I'm trying to be realistic with myself.
    My body& hormones are not the same as they were when I was younger..
    Frozen dinners& shakes are def easy no mess meals
    I do mainly grilled chicken n fresh veggies for dinners
    And yah when I'm low on time ill do an easy shake.
  • jlsheajlshea Member Posts: 495 Member Member Posts: 495 Member
    Right here. We can do it! Its not going to be a "diet" this time but a committed lifestyle change. It doesn't have to be punishment, just learning new ways of living. It feels like I'm always at one extreme with my weight and have gone from 105 to 205 in the last ten years. Time to get real about things.
  • TrishsimonTrishsimon Member Posts: 137 Member Posts: 137

    I've approx 70lbs to lose and have given myself until 2015 to do so and I will do it so best of luck on your journey.
  • stefanierayastefanieraya Member Posts: 110 Member Member Posts: 110 Member
    I have another 40 pounds to lose. I'm confident I'll meet my goal. Here to provide support to y'all from Austin, TX.
  • JanetCelesteJanetCeleste Member Posts: 6 Member Posts: 6
    I need to lose at least 60#. It's for my health more than anything else. I am getting tired of not being able to do anything. I'm going with smart portions & smart choices & of course exercise! I can't do high impact exercise but I can definitely walk. I'm going to build up gradually. I used to be able to walk 5 miles a day. But I have to start over.....Baby Steps! :happy:
  • firesweetheartfiresweetheart Member Posts: 96 Member Member Posts: 96 Member
    Hello! I'm working on at least 35-40 and see where that gets me. Feel free to add. Once you start tracking your frozen meals you might find they are very high in sodium. Just something to watch out for.

    Edit: Meant to add I also started at 183...

    Almost exactly what I was going to say! I'm in the same boat of 30-40lbs so feel free to add. It's a process but if we stick with it, we can make it happen! And good for you with the extra veggies and salads.

    A word on the frozen meals. They're great when you're in a rush but I find myself hungry and thirsty after not long after eating them. Remember that it may make you retain water so you may lose more slowly than you had expected initially.
  • handyrunnerhandyrunner Member Posts: 32,665 Member Member Posts: 32,665 Member
    Hi and good luck to everyone. Feel free to add me if you like
  • FINDAWGELFFINDAWGELF Member Posts: 18 Member Posts: 18
    Yep!! I am currently 255lbs; trying to get down to 200, or less, depending on what my body looks like at 200. I'm a 6'1" male with a large frame. I don't want to be skinny, I also don't want to be Arnold S. I just want to look good and feel good. But am glad to say that I started my Journey 6 months ago.

    I actually started it 7 years ago, but you know, one thing led to another and I quit. That one thing was Sarcoidosis. It's a pain in the butt autoimmune disease which had me taking large doses of Prednisone for years. I watched what I had spent years working for go down the drain in months. Basically, I started losing weight, working out; not really eating right, but better than I was, and I got down to 268; I know, huge, but in decent shape. Suddenly, I didn't feel so good; my chest was hurting, my joints were killing me. I thought I had over trained, so I took it easy. But this Sarcoidosis didn't. I stopped working out. Doctors couldn't tell me why I was feeling pain all over my body; they thought I was faking something. But the weight kept creeping up and creeping up all the way up to 336lbs. One 4th of July, we had a nice celebration, BBQ, alcohol and smoking, which I don't do unless I'm drunk. Well, I think the smoking was the key to getting the diagnosis, because the flare-up that I had in the following days almost killed me. I end up in the hospital because I couldn't eat anymore without vomiting. So finally we ended up getting this diagnosis of Sarcoidosis (I swore I was dying of some kind of cancer because I had no clue what this was at that time). (2007). I started actually losing weight. I got down to 288 before they started giving me these high doses of steroids. My weight then ballooned out of control. Not only that but I became totally depressed. I ate, slept and went to work, which is a desk job. I ate all the time. Got myself back up to 356lbs.

    So, there I was on Facebook and I was looking for other depressed people with Sarcoidosis so that I can share my depression and hopelessness with them. I found it, joined them and complained with them and felt sorry for myself. I accepted the excuse of it's impossible because of Sarcoidosis and Prednisone. My mind was set that eventually I would be bed-ridden. What saved me is that my church started the Daniel Fast. This is basically a 21 day strict Vegan Diet based on Daniel's fasting in the Bible. Guess what? I never felt better in my life. I swear my health jumped up 200%. So the Daniel Fast gave me so much information just because I started searching for edible options. Basically, I got educated, and I am still educating myself. While I eat meats and pizza and other things I enjoy, I have stopped over doing it and I made a life style change. My joints started feeling better, so I can run and exersize and play with my kids.

    Because it's not a diet but a lifestyle change I can enjoy myself if I eat pizza or cake on some days. It used to be that when I messedd up, it was over and I would convince myself that it was okay to just over eat and quit eating right. Now when I eat something sugery or fattening, I move forward with my normal lifestlye and don't revert back.

    I workout (Cardio and weight training) 6 days a week. On my rest days I do a little Yoga (sometimes).

    I supplement natural smoothies for breakfast usually right after my workout (Spinach, Kale, Berries, Almond Milk, and Muscle Milk Protein, all mixed)

    Most everything that I use is natural. I have almost completely given up processed foods; if I eat something processed, I make sure that it has some form of grain (Crackers, chips, cookies) but for the most part, I try to avoid them; but don't kill myself if I fail.

    Alright; now that I've gotten that story out of the way; I would like to find out if anyone has any tricks to getting that extra 50lbs that I have been stuck at for a bit off.
  • mejablmejabl Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
    Hi Everyone!

    I've only been logging on MFP for 5 days, but actually started on my healthy lifestyle program in mid-January. So although I didn't find MFP until about a week ago, I logged my starting weight from January.

    I'm 60-65 lbs from my goal weight and am in it for the long run. I don't want to ever go back to where I started and have already seen a huge difference in how I feel.

    I'm 5' 6 1/2", started at 238 and am looking to be in the 150-155 range. I'm down 20.5 lbs already. That may sound fast to many (or all) of you, but eating healthy and becoming active is a GIANT change. I'm sure I will progress more slowly throughout the process, but I'm OK with that.

    Most importantly I want to stay active, fit and healthy and that's not necessarily tied to a specific number, so that's why I don't call it a diet!
  • Cynner2012Cynner2012 Member Posts: 1 Member Posts: 1
    Hi, a fellow redhead checking in to say I need to lose at least 50 lbs. I just started MFP this week. I am 4'11 and weigh 200lbs. I never in my life thought I would be this heavy. Time to get it together and do something positive before my health is affected. I'm sending good luck to everyone starting on this journey..
  • sarainiowasarainiowa Member Posts: 294 Member Posts: 294
    I'm working to drop 100. Long way to go but I'm motivated and committed. Feel free to add me.
  • rmiller7024rmiller7024 Member Posts: 2 Member Posts: 2
    Looking to drop around 80 and I`m in it to win it so to speak! I will get there!
  • MrscheyflemingMrscheyfleming Member Posts: 149 Member Member Posts: 149 Member
    Looking to lose 50 lbs, feel free to add me if you want :)
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