How often do we weigh ourselves?

I know i shouldn't but i cant help getting on the scales every 2-3 days, i get so excited! i log my weight weekly but i'm constantly checking through the week, it's the most important thing to me atm


  • DemoraFairy
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    There's nothing wrong with weighing regularly. I weigh everyday, as do a lot of people here.
  • David_AUS
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    .. Everyday same time in the am.
  • ktsmom430
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    I weigh myself everyday at the same time, and have since I began seriously tracking on 3/12/12. It keeps me motivated and on track.
    It is an individual thing for most people. You will see everything from daily, to weekly, to monthly, to not at all.
  • thatlittlebit
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    I weigh myself every day when I wake up - I have an app called Happy Scales which draws a smooth line graph of all my weights so it's not really demoralising or anythign when I gain a few pounds seemingly overnight
  • Every day on my fitbit scales. It is fun to see it go up and down daily but to also see the general trend coming through showing I am losing weight and body fat.:drinker:
  • redambition
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    I weigh myself every morning, to track any fluctuations and stalls.

    Sometimes I weigh myself in the evening too, just to see the difference out of curiousity.
  • Lysander666
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    Once a week in the morning.
  • once a week (every thursday) like MFP recomends.
    pd: I see lots of people here weight themselves everyday. Nothing wrong with that, if it works for you. For me it´s not a good a idea because I KNOW I can become very obsessive so I rather weight myself just once a week
  • cheripugh1
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    Well I tried less as MFP recommends but I ended up gaining or not losing at all... so nope I do it everyday, it's kind of like clocking in and the pay at the end of the week is hopefully a healthier lighter body.

    I know (as in 30+ yrs.) two very nice, trim, fit ladies, one of them weighed everyday and if there was a 2 lb. gain she adjusted her actions and diet for that day to deal with it right then. The other weighed everyday when she saw a 5 lb. gain she watched it if it was still there at the end of the week she went into action, with diet and exercise. both of these woman stayed fit

    So I think it's a good idea to check our weight everyday, here is my one thought; I am a diabetic I check my sugar every single morning, if I see a raise I immediately look over what my diet had been, was there something that was new or different? In other words I look for the source to make sure to watch next time, then if it happens I can avoid it. On the same note if it dropped down nicely I can again look at my diet to see what changes I had made and see if I can keep that up for better numbers. So why wouldn't that work with our weight?

    Our bodies talk to us, we really should listen!
  • smc864
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    Everyday... first thing in the morning nude, after using the restroom.
  • PHS7
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    Every two weeks. I hate the scale. I'm much more into NSVs. Now, when I get closer to my goals, I'll probably do it every week or couple of days. But for now, I rather judge my progress by how my clothes fit and how I feel.
  • zeal26
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    Every morning. It's the only way that works for me. I get up, go to the bathroom, and then weigh myself without clothes. It keeps me motivated.
  • marieamethyst
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    I do it every Sunday morning, after the bathroom and sans clothing. I like seeing the big dips. :) (plus I have an infant who is my alarm clock, and she usually isn't happy to wait the extra 5 minutes for me to weigh myself when it interferes with her breakfast :laugh: )
  • Tanya949
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    Every morning. Because I expect it to go up and down, the ups don't bother me but the downs (and new lows in particular) actually make me work harder that day to keep it up.
  • keziak1
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    I'm trying to keep it down to once a week or at least every few days. It's great when the scale goes down but when it goes up or stalls I have a hard time keeping it from spoiling my whole day. I'm supposed to be losing 1-2 lbs a week so it may take that long to actually see a drop.
  • EuroDivas
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    Everyday first thing in the morning.
  • BusyRaeNOTBusty
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    Most days but I'm not regligious about it. Then I put them into a pretty chart and pay attention to the trend lines not the daily variations.

  • bwogilvie
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    I weigh daily, first thing in the morning, and calculate an exponentially smoothed weighted average to filter out the noise from daily fluctuations and focus on the trend, as John Walker explains in "The Hacker's Diet" (; see the chapters on "The Rubber Bag" and "Signal and Noise").

    Sites like will do it automatically for you, if you have a Wifi-equipped scale. Or you can use Walker's website to create a free account and track there.
  • Mr_Knight
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    I know i shouldn't but i cant help getting on the scales every 2-3 days, i get so excited! i log my weight weekly but i'm constantly checking through the week, it's the most important thing to me atm

    i weight twice a day, every day, morning and evening.
  • Once a week! (at maximum) And i do it every saturday at 10am (weird i know)