How often do we weigh ourselves?



  • i weigh myself 5-6 times a day -__-
  • foremant86
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    every morning
  • tiggerlgh
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    First thing every AM I am home. I have the Aria scale and track the trends on I expect up and long as the overall trend is down I am fine. If the upward trend lasts more than a day or so...I know I need to change something so weighing in daily helps me keep on track (so far at least)
  • First thing in the morning
  • jac_84
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    I say weight yourself whenever you want!
    I use the wii fit and I have to weigh in every day.
  • sentaruu
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    every day.
  • F00LofaT00K
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    I'm not convinced it matters if it's daily, weekly or monthly as long as you're keeping track and losing at the rate that you'd like. Personally, I weigh myself almost daily. I like to see how my weight fluctuates with my various weekly activities. From Monday-Friday or Saturday, I slowly gain up to 1-3lb each week and then by Sunday, I drop down to a pound or two less than the previous weekend. I'm convinced that my very physical job forces my muscles to hold onto water all week. It's actually really cool to watch the scale each day!

    This past week looked something like this:

    Sn: 163.8
    M: 163.8
    T: 164.3
    W: 164.7
    Th: 165.2
    F: 165.5
    TODAY: 162.8

    I weigh myself in the mornings so tomorrow and Monday will look more or less the same as today. Tuesday (after busting my butt all day on Monday!) my weight will be up a bit and it should climb until Saturday or Sunday morning. I bet I'm around 161.4 next weekend.
  • megsmom2
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    Every couple of months. Its a number. Doesnt mean much. Why stress?
  • I weigh myself everyday in the morning
  • I weigh myself first thing every Monday morning
  • I weight myself every morning and I admit it keeps me obsessed... I get so stressed especially w/ the fluctuations. I should stick to doing it weekly, but it's difficult! I feel you :)
  • iamafoodaholic
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    I weigh everyday right before I jump in the shower. It keeps me motivated. It helps me see when things I am doing are right and when I need to work a little harder. I only log when I show a loss for 2 or more days and never more than once a week, usually Friday or Saturday morning.
  • Mrsallypants
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    Every day in the morning after peeing. If I eat a calorie deficit of 500 calories a day, then I should see the scale move .14 pounds a day. That is unless you eat a ton of sodium the day before, you're dehydrated, or had a low carb day previously.

    Water weight and water retention can make you go down and up in weight.
  • stephaaniemarie
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    Once a week, usually Saturday morning. I was weighing myself a few times a week, but I noticed the scale didn't really move until Thursday or Friday, so now I just stick to once a week on Saturday. If I've met my calorie goals for the week, I know I will have lost weight, anyway. I'm not focused on the number on the scale as much as I am the changing shape of my body.
  • FindingAmy77
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    .. Everyday same time in the am.

    me too. keeps me accountable and focused
  • linsey0689
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    Almost everyday just to see where I am.
  • EuroDivas
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    i weigh myself 5-6 times a day -__-

  • fushigi1988
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    I weigh everyday and use Trendweight to get rid of fluctuations
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    Be careful with weighing so often. You might get obsessed.
  • Weighing everyday only drives you crazy and what progress do you expect to see? Even at a 1,000 calorie deficit you might only lose .1 lbs and that won't show up on the scale because of weight fluctuations so why bother? I check mine when I expect I've lost a significant amount. If I add up the calories and by now I should've lost a pound, I weigh in. So usually every 3-4 days