Whats 4 lunch?



  • ubermofish
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    Nothing. Intermittent fasting ftw
  • ruffnstuff
    ruffnstuff Posts: 400 Member
    Lots of days I use left-overs as my lunch base, but in-laws in town and we went out last night. So, I prepped a "salad" of chopped cucumbers, red peppers, carrots, green onions and a drained can of tuna with Ken's Asian Sesame dressing. It's a huge amount of food for under 400 cals (and 140 of that is dressing cuz I needed a double dose!).
  • Sounds good, I will have to try this dressing.:happy:
  • askeates
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    That dressing is amazing.... I have even used it to marinade chicken before grilling it!
  • Dill pickle juice as dressing, sounds like a good idea. I will try it. Thanks!
  • smithed812
    smithed812 Posts: 289
    Morningstar Farms garlic quinoa veggie burger on a wheat bun, and some coconut key lime ice cream.
  • Mischievous_Rascal
    Mischievous_Rascal Posts: 1,791 Member
    A big bowl of pasta and tomato sauce. :)
  • BlueBombers
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    Tuna salad sandwich.


    Greek yogurt.
  • boombalatty123
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    I'm trying Shirataki noodles for the first time. Not sure my husband is going to enjoy them (he's pickier than I am). I'm using them in a spicy ramen style soup with meatballs and veggies.
  • AngieWion
    AngieWion Posts: 12 Member
    baked chicken breast stuffed with spinach and mushroom and a slice of pepper jack cheese, seasoned with garlic, pepper and italian seasoning. side of light ranch for dipping and low fat peach yogurt
  • kikif617
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    5 ounce piece of grilled chicken, 1 cup of broccoli and cauliflower, half grilled sweet plaintain, 1 granny apple with 1 tsp of peanut butter for dessert.
  • stillnot2late
    stillnot2late Posts: 385 Member
    catfish, and a salad, glass of iced tea
  • thankyou4thevenom
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    Smoked Salmon with carrots and green beans. Followed by a bowl of greek yoghurt, with blue berries, banana and a little bit of honey.
  • jessilyn76
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    chicken and dumpling soup and a diet soda.
  • amw5471
    amw5471 Posts: 111 Member
    Steamed shrimp, broccoli, and pineapple
  • crazy4cooking
    crazy4cooking Posts: 4 Member
    Homemade Zucchini Lasagna and garden salad with Walden Farm's Zero Calorie French dressing. 350 calories total and sooo yummy!
  • Dube11
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    Ham, turkey, muenster cheese rolled up in a tortilla
    greek yogurt
  • chelstakencharge
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  • maz504
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    PB&J, string cheese and pretzels! I'm apparently in 4th grade again :)