What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • tammierlewis
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    Day 5 of no coffee (nothing wrong with coffee, I just happen to HATE black coffee and REALLY like "a little coffee with my cream/flavored creamers" so to speak). This is day 5 of drinking low (to no)caffeine/no cal oolong and various green and herbal teas (with no sugar or sweeteners) instead of coffee. This is also day 5 of drinking water only instead of caloried drinks (nothing wrong with caloried drinks, just giving coffee and caloried drinks a break for the next 35 days--total of 40 days). I'm also attempting for the next 40 days to get at least 7-8 solid hours of sleep per night.

    You might like Jordan's "Skinny Syrups". Zero calories I switched from sugar and creamer to just this and love it! Tiramisu is my favourite.
  • orangegato
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    i decided that i would list a couple of my old pairs of trousers on ebay today- as i won't be needing them ever again- i was wearing these 21months ago- when i look in the mirror day in an day out i see the same old me looking back as the pounds come off slowly- but sometimes a photo can remind you how far you have come!! 21 month-164lbs-62"waist to 46" waist- the journey continues--- if you are just starting your journey it will seem daunting- but the day you start is a day nearer reaching your goals.. don't give up.And take starting Photos!!

    You are a beast. This is *kitten* awesome.