What's Your Most Recent NSV



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    Day 5 of no coffee (nothing wrong with coffee, I just happen to HATE black coffee and REALLY like "a little coffee with my cream/flavored creamers" so to speak). This is day 5 of drinking low (to no)caffeine/no cal oolong and various green and herbal teas (with no sugar or sweeteners) instead of coffee. This is also day 5 of drinking water only instead of caloried drinks (nothing wrong with caloried drinks, just giving coffee and caloried drinks a break for the next 35 days--total of 40 days). I'm also attempting for the next 40 days to get at least 7-8 solid hours of sleep per night.

    You might like Jordan's "Skinny Syrups". Zero calories I switched from sugar and creamer to just this and love it! Tiramisu is my favourite.

    Never heard of it before, will have to definitely check it out. Thanks so much for the tip, you rock! <3o:)<3
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    Oh my! Page 2. Bump.