What's Your Most Recent NSV



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    I realized this weekend I REALLY need to go bra shopping.... it's one of those love/hate vistories lol

    I feel you on that one, lol. I'm just outside the standard sizes for most department stores so it really jacks up the price, and for bras that probably won't fit yet again next year.
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    In these forums or threads, is there a way to see who reacts to posts? It's "killing" me that people react to mine and I can't acknowledge or thank them if appropriate.

    I'm interested in the answer to this as well.
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    My goal shirt fits and I wore it out in public today!

    Now, to try for the next one :)cgme1cg56ylf.jpeg

    Congrats! But why do you have a watermelon on the floor of your bedroom?

    HA! Hahahahaha :D:D:D
    I have a watermelon on the floor of my bedroom because....children. :D 3 of them, a fresh 6, 3.5, & not yet 18m.

    Which is also why those sheets piled on the bed are so darn wrinkly :D

    Our bedroom is just off the front hall and the kitchen is very near to that. We have an old house with limited counter space. Watermelons live on the floor so they don’t take up valuable space/kids can’t roll them off onto the floor to make a mess.

    However, this means watermelons become “balls.” Once it ended up in the bedroom we left it so the kids wouldn’t find it as easily :D

    Didn't look at picture closely so watermelon on floor "went over my head" 🤣