What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • alexmose
    alexmose Posts: 792 Member
    Walked 5.08 miles in 1:23:15 ave. pace 16:23 with my dog today in the virtual RonaRunOff. Event miles of each participant will be aggregated and, for every 50 miles, a pair of shoes will be donated to an area healthcare or janitorial worker. I had the opportunity to nominate my hubby for the shoes. I hope he gets selected!

    Wow these mile speeds tho!!!
  • alteredsteve175
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    Rode my bike over to visit my trainer, who owns a local barbell gym. She won’t let her “senior” clients come back til June 1, but I miss her. She put a photo of me and bike on Facebook. My daughters saw it and sent me a screenshot. I couldn’t believe how slim I looked.

    It was like something snapped in my brain seeing that photo, and I no longer see the fat person in the mirror. That fat woman has stared back at me relentlessly since I started this in late 2018.

    For whatever reason, now I see “me”. I keep going and standing in front of the mirror, turning side to side, expecting to turn fat again, I guess.

    Yoga studio opened back up to limited capacity yesterday. I bought some gorgeous yoga leggings several months ago, but forgot the top was a bra top I’d bought on a lark, because it was on sale. I started to put it back in the drawer. Too much exposed skin for comfort. Thought “Well, WTF not?”

    Instructor looked at me and blurted out,”Damn, you’re the only person I know who looks hotter after quarantine than before!”

    If it weren’t a social distance violation, I would have hugged her. This “senior” sincerely appreciated that.

    This whole “senior” thing just kills me, in case you’re wondering. Senior, my *kitten*!!!!!

    :) Love that attitude, @springlering62. You're an inspiration!