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  • mtaratootmtaratoot Member Posts: 3,555 Member Member Posts: 3,555 Member
    Oh dear lord!!!!!! I get vertigo just looking at that. Your six year old impresses me as much as you do.

    Two summers ago the ladies formed a little
    neighborhood bike club to ride around on Tuesday evenings. We’d do the bike path and the beautiful historic neighborhoods.

    I was so ashamed (and “ashamed” is exactly the right word here). I couldn’t get up a long mild hill. I had to walk my bike up and everyone had to wait for me. I felt like the fat failure holding everyone back. They even (considerately) assigned someone to me to make sure I got home ok and she had to ride in back to keep an eye on me.

    My husband and I have started riding bikes in the afternoon during quarantine. We did the full loop yesterday, which includes several steep hills and that long mild slope I couldn’t get up.

    I was still smarting over the ride a couple of years ago and was determined. I don’t know why I had this in my head as a goal, but I did it yesterday.

    I did the entire 8 miles without changing gears up (down?) on my 7-speed cruiser.

    And, my husband, who is considerably older than me, has improved to the point he no longer has to get off his bike to complete the loop. That made it even more special.

    That's great progress. I'm sure it felt AWESOME at the top of that hill. But why not use the gears? That's what they are for! Biking is fun.
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