What's Your Most Recent NSV



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    okay so a few things
    1. I actually bought a bikini, actually I bought two of them
    2. I tried them on and they fit pretty good and I didn't hate the way I looked
    3. I SHOWED PEOPLE THE PICTURES I TOOK IN THEM! which is a big deal.
    4. I was speaking with a friend of mine last night (we have dinner on Wednesday's) I was wearing leggings and a tank top and she said it was super noticeable how much smaller I looked and said I looked like I had lost another 20 lbs. Which I haven't in the time frame she was speaking about. She also told me I look like I weigh like 160, which I do not. I told her I weigh 193 and she told me to buy a new scale because there was literally no way that was true. AND she commented that she could really see the muscle definition in my legs!!!!! Which made me feel awesome! I've always had bigger legs because they're very strong but I have always felt a little self conscious of that because sometimes I feel like they just look chunky but she was very adamant that she could see muscle definition in them even when I was just standing there!!!! ALL OF THOSE SQUATS ARE PAYING OFF!!!! I mean so are the rest of the exercises but I do love those squats!

    I love squats too!! This is literally the first time in my entire life that I actually like how my legs look and have muscle definition & shapely legs instead of just chubby squishy chunky thighs!! Thank you squats!!! (And deadlifts and lunges and step ups)

    I'm so close to loving my legs 100%!!! there's just a little chunk on my inner thigh that i'd like to firm up a bit and then they are there! Now if my stomach could just cooperate a little better

    ALSO a NSV I can now wear a 12 comfortably.

    I feel ya- my tummy does not cooperate at all!!