I've lost 43lbs, and nobody has noticed.



  • brianpperkins
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    Did you lose weight for you or to get some form of external validation?
  • sphkhn
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    are you wearing the same clothes?

    I was wondering the same thing. People at work really started noticing when I bought some new scrubs that actually fit and didn't hang on me. (I'm a nurse.) Big clothes can really hid even a significant weight loss.

    Congrats! You have done a fantastic job; and I guarantee people will notice. :smile:

    People started commenting when I bought some new, slightly more fitted clothing. If you are proud of your new body, show it off. It is not antifeminist to look good.

    This! Just yesterday I wore fitted pants and top to work and my (female) boss told me how great I was looking and gave me a hug. She didn't specifically say anything about weight loss but I feel like it was implied. You have done a great job don't let it get you down.
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    I agree that buying more fitting clothes makes a huge difference.

    Also, people who see you all the time might not notice at all, honestly... I mean, they see you all the time. But if you showed them a picture of you at the time, they'd notice right away (and probably say 'I don't remember you being that big' or something because they're used to seeing you slimmer now).
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    I'm really shocked that no one has noticed! I've lost close to 40 and it's all I ever hear about, to an annoying degree. Lately it's turned more to insults about how fat I used to be rather than compliments, so count yourself lucky, maybe? People could be jealous, but maybe they're choosing not to say anything to you about it rather than being snappy.
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    Sometimes I think it's jealousy.

    This is spot on^
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    I think a lot of people feel like they are insulting how you used to look if they were to walk up and say "you look great now". One of my friends at work has lost A LOT of weight and looks amazing, people keep telling me how great she looks instead of telling her themselves. Its so amazing to lose weight and feel better in your own skin, I think its just awkward and uncomfortable for others to say congrats in the right way.
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    I feel ya! I've lost 26.5 lbs in the last 3 months and only 2 people at work have said anything. I have found though over the years of gaining and losing the same stupid 40-50 lbs, that I can hide a 25 lb weight gain pretty well on my frame. It's just been in the last few weeks that I went back to wearing my old clothes from the last time I lost this amount of weight. Hang in there! I don't know you personally, but I'm proud of you for your weight loss. Keep it up! :)
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    People may not feel right about saying anything, but I guarantee you they have noticed that you are looking good.

    CONGRATS to you for your hard work.
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    Don't be discouraged. Your success is measured by you, not by others.

    So true! Be proud of what you have accomplished so far =)
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    This is about YOU not your family and friends. They will notice down the road a bit, but your success is more important for you and your guy to notice and this point. As a psychiatrist, I think you are doing just fine, revel in it and stay committed. Best ! Alan:wink:
  • I'd love to see before and afters :)

    Let us motivate you, sometimes like many ppl said others do not comment because they dont know if it is intentional or not and if they say "wow you look great." you may think "so I didn't look great before?"

    I complimented a resident at my apt community about her tremendous weighloss she was losing weight on purpose I could tell being a military spouse and her husband on deployment and participating in a weightloss group/competition prior to the boys coming home... but I was nervous to say anything because she may be offended that Id never complimented her before. She thankfully was very happy to hear and told me all about her work outs etc, but its a touchy subject. WE ALL KNOW THIS.
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    It's not easy when nobody notices, but that's probably because they see you all the time. When you're around somebody all the time, they don't notice changes that take a long time, such as aging. Say something! And mostly, be proud of yourself! Besides, that's what matters :)
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    This is my first post here but I have used the app for awhile. I am only 5'4 and since November I have gone from 176lbs to 133. I look and feel like a new person, looking at me now and old pictures make me amazed at what I have done! But it is a bit... unmotivating (I wanna keep going to 125-120) that not a single family member, coworker, nobody has said anything. My boyfriend noticed and compliments me on it... but then again... he sees me naked. Back to the point I feel like maybe my loss is not so big and that I am thinking too highly of what I have done. It makes me sad. I may post a before and after to show... but has anyone else experienced losing a lot of weight and nobody noticing? :(
    Well I am super impressed by your success so bravo!!! I struggle so much that whenever I read a success story like yours all I can think is "I am not worthy!!"
    Congrats girl :-)
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    Look in the mirror and smile. Instead of just looking in it because you have to.
    Then pull out your drivers license (old pic).
    Works wonders for me.
    As for comments from others...great to hear them, but if not, who cares ?
    You are doing this for yourself and no one else.
  • ziggyc
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    As a side note, one of my bosses at work that I don't see very often suddenly started losing a ton of weight and I never said anything because I wasn;t sure if he was doing it on purpose or if he was sick. Turned out it was all good but it was so drastic for a while that I wasn't sure and wasn't comfortable enough with him to address it.
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    Get new clothes!

    My clothes billow around me. I still want to loose more, and it's obviously impractical to buy a new wardrobe every 20 pounds, but I by new articles of clothing to slowly downsize my overall wardrobe. Baggy shirts make you look the same size. If you don't have anything that's your size, you look the same size.

    My co-workers realize that I lost weight when I slide into a student sized desk with room to spare and my flowing blouse collapses down around me. That's when I hear it. Wow, you look look like you're losing weight! Just walking around though, my blouses are loose, so you can't tell I'm smaller unless the wind blows my clothing against me or somebody hugs me.

    The thing is I'm so darn shy that I don't like to wear anything that's form fitting. But even buying loose blouses or tunic tops that are ~my size~ instead of wearing my old clothes make a difference in how big I look. So, that's my advice. Try a smaller top.
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    Don't feel discouraged! People who see you every day will not notice the difference so much - because they see you EVERY DAY. It's the nature of the beast that changes which take place slowly - like your weight loss - are not noticed as much by those who see you every day, because every day their brains get used to the "daily new you".

    Casually pull out an older photo and show it around - under some pretext, if you feel uncomfortable otherwise, like a party or a walk down memory lane. I bet people will remark on the difference then!

    Or meet up with someone who hasn't seen you in a while. They will notice!
  • I think people *do notice, but weight is such a touchy subject to begin with. I think you've done a fantastic job and you should be proud of yourself! Don't diminish the work you've put into the weightloss, it is a big deal! In the end, you don't do it for others - you do it for yourself. Yes, it is a bummer nobody notices except your boyfriend but as someone pointed out before, it could as well be of jealousy people don't say anything. If it makes you feel any better, nobody's been pointing out my loss either - not even my family which I see maybe once a year and very well notice the difference... Don't let it get you down, keep pushing - and if nobody tells you how well you've done, you do it yourself. Every day. And believe it, because it's true.
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    I once complimented my brother's sister-in-law on her weight loss. Turns out she had been sick and that's why she lost all the weight she did.
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    Maybe you aren't noticing the way they say it? Rather than say "hey you have lost so much weight!" has anyone said "hey you look great today!" ??