I've lost 43lbs, and nobody has noticed.



  • elyanta
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    Who have you told that you are working on losing weight. The only people who have said anything about my weight loss are people I told. And I kinda wish I hadn't told my mom and sister because they are less than encouraging when I say where I want to be weight wise. God forbid I be happy with my body at a smaller sizer than them. I think if you have a good support system that is great but the most important thing is that you are healthy and happy with your self.
  • kimad
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    First off, ANY LOSS IS BIG!!!! don't discredit yourself because people aren't complementing you.

    A few things -- some people may notice but don't want to say anything. If you are wearing the same clothes, and haven't bought any to show off your new curves people may not notice, etc. There are a million things BUT... you did the work and you deserve a pat on the back for it.

    Just remember, you lost the weight for you, not them.. be proud of yourself.
  • moautry
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    When someone sees you everyday, its so gradual that its hard to notice. There have been people who work in my building who have lost a lot of weight, and it took me a while to realize it. "Didn't she used to be pudgy?" And baggy clothes are not slimming, so make sure your clothes fit your new size.
  • MysteriousMerlin
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    I don't make comments on people's weight loss after seeing a co-worker go from over 300lbs down to 130-140lbs in a very short period of time. Turns out she had weight-loss surgery that went severely wrong. She looks like she aged 20 years.
  • You are doing great! :smile:

    I once told someone she looked terrific (after losing about 20 pounds) and she said "what, did I look that bad before??" so I am hesitant to say anything now. I want to be supportive but she took it as criticism. Ah well.
  • madworld1
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    I sometimes don't say anything to people when I have noticed that they lost weight. I am always afraid that it will offend them. I like when people mention that I look like I have lost weight. But, I have known others that get offended even when they are complimented on weight loss.
  • DeeBerning
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    First of all,congratulations! That is an amazing accomplishment.

    Don't take the lack of acknowledgment personally. There could be many things at play there. Some people are very aware that a person's weight loss or gain is very personal and may not want to approach the subject. Others may be jealous. Just keep in mind that you lost the weight for you, not them..... and celebrate your victory.

    Buy yourself some cute, fitting outfits and walk with pride.

    WE are all proud of you and happy for your.
  • You have noticed, and you are the only one that truly matters. We all want to be acknowledged for our hard work if we want to admit it or not. Truth is, our journey is about us and only us. Most people are apprehensive for acknowledging weiht loss. it like they saying "hey your not fat anymore".