Anyone in their 40's?



  • 42 and a mom to a 2 year old (yes, I know that is not common). So I have to stay healthy and have lots of energy!

    Just re-started MFP. Been here on and off for the last two years.
  • joybedford
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    43 tomorrow. Married with 3 kids live in the UK.
  • xxsarah349xx
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    49 shhhh dont tell anyone! :noway:
    Feel free to add me
  • hotmamajenE
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    turning 40 next month! I lost 20 pounds since January and am now trying to maintain it! I log in everyday and would like to add some new friends to help support and motivate each other! a lot of mine have quit or stopped logging regularly. Add me :)
  • trustymutsi
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    42 here. I decided I want to start getting my body fat % down to 10-15%, and get some muscle through strength training. I've heard several time since starting this journey "Well, you have to remember you're not young anymore. You can't expect to…"

    The days I don't see the scale move, or think I don't look any different, those words echo through my head. I need to ignore the age talk and keep moving on. I'd like to think that part of why us "older" people aren't in better shape is because we convince ourselves it's too late.

    That being said, if I do everything right (calorie deficit, sleep, water, very little processed foods, different combinations of macros) and STILL don't see much change, should I be concerned and see a doctor about it? I'm hesitant, as my experience with doctors is a dismissive "You're fine. You just can't be that body fat %" or "Who DOESN'T want love handles?"
  • Siannah
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    41. And a half :sad: I'm in Ireland.

    And yes, it has gone harder to lose the weight, I've noticed that too. I lost 16 kg back in 2011 and have been maintaining since, but it has crept up just this small bit, only 2 kilos, but I just cannot get rid of them. That tummy and waist have gone pudgy, sure that can't be middle-age-spread, can it??!
    I'm trying my hardest not to fall off the wagon, if I do, I don't think I'll ever get back up.

    Feel free to add me.
  • SwashBlogger
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    Soon to be 48, and in better health than I was 10 years ago....but still convinced I can do better! I welcome new friends and do not require the request to be accompanied by a message : ). Best wishes to you all!
  • ambre66
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    Will be 48 in a couple weeks....
  • LovelyLisa1000
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    I am 44! Please feel free to add me. My diary is open.
  • 48 and struggling this week!
  • jaxlovesthebeach
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    Hi everyone I'm new. I'm 43 years old and am starting to go through menopause and it is so hard now to lose (and maintain) weight! Especially around the middle. I exercise 5-6 days a week for at least 30 min and eat well, can't get rid of my stomach and back fat. Anyone going through something similar?
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    In my 40’s for the next 6.5 weeks. Always up for new friends.
  • ortega1990
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    Me! {raises hand} I honestly think I'm in better shape now, and more informed about fueling the body and disease than I was in my 20s and 30s. Feel free to friend me - I'm always sharing random thoughts to your news feed. :flowerforyou:
  • jessupbrady
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    Just turned 40 last week. So just getting into this decade!

    3 hour commute every day makes some days more difficult than others.

    Anyone is welcome to add me.

    We bought a house on my birthday, and are still finishing up the moving. Going to reset my measurements this weekend and should get back to tracking things regularly starting Saturday. So, bear with me in that regard.
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    Hi, 48 here, fast approaching is 49 in the next two months. Today is my first day here, 220 lbs and gaining more, rapidly. I lost about 50 lbs a year and a half ago, when i was having some personal issues with my marriage. I went out and purchase a whole new wardrobe, fast forward and I've gain most of it back and now nothing fits me properly. I decided I'm not purchasing any more clothes, so here I am. I'll accept any help I can get.
  • Just turned 48 May 28th-this app is a God send, since Im very active and weight train but couldn't budge the fat loss/weight loss because I never tracked what I ate. Since I was a vegetarian I thought I was pretty safe...but alas this has been an eye opener. Activity is key and at our age weight training is more important than cardio in my opinion. Regular cardio, like walks and just being active fine, but for weight loss building muscle will help more--we lose it now too fast.
  • peepsqueek
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    I am 48 years young and counting :wink: Feeling more like 28 mentally now all I have to do is convince my body of the same thing :flowerforyou:
  • I'll be turning 44 at the end of the summer!
  • Dregg
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    40 here, turn 41 in a few months. Working out and dieting to lose weight sure is harder then it used to be.
  • sexygoodness
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    44 here, 210lbs, 6lbs off so far, still a long way to go.

    Congrats on the first 6 lbs. YOU CAN DO IT :drinker: