Anyone in their 40's?



  • dcresider
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    Mentally 30, physically 44. Looking to lose about 15+ lbs. I'm fairly active and started weight training, and love to eat. That's my downfall. Friend me if you like.
  • Always_Belle
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    43 here and I love being in my forties!!!
  • tjsoccermom
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    43 here, where does time go? Have been on my path to fitness since January 2013. It does come off, but it's a slow process, you just have to stick to it and work hard. You can do it, I promise! Have lost 73 pounds, depending on the mood of the scale that day. Feel free to friend me if you like!
  • sculli123
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    41 I no longer worry about getting older. I embrace it because I stay in shape regardless of the chronological number. I like when someone asks my age and then is surprised because I'm in shape and / or look younger than they expect.
  • ScorpionQwean
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    I'll be 49 in November... add me
  • morgac64
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    Hi I'm a newbie!! Age 49....... My goal is to lose around 40 lbs and KEEP it off. I lost my husband to cancer in December and I am a stress eater so thought I had lost the weight before, I gained it all back and then some. I just want to feel good about myself and feel better. Also, I quit smoking on February 21st but luckily I have only gained about 5 lbs since then. I know it all adds up. Ready to start making healthy choices and feeling better. Can anyone tell me of any successes they have had on the LHCF way of eating? My sister in law is a nurse and recommended it. I'm on day 4 and have lost about 3 lbs so far.
  • canme0
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    I will be 47 in September... I hear you! I struggle with my weight since I had my daughter... 11 years ago LOL... I find it way more difficult to loose the extra weight recently. Why? I think it is harder for out metabolism to kick in like it use to and the more you diet the more difficult it become I think. Let's try this one more time...All the best of luck
  • Guineagirl913
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    I will be 46 in September. Started in January and the loss has been slow but steady, I take one day at a time and just keep looking forward! Feel free to add me for motivation and support.
  • maririn_uk
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    Hi, I am 46 and 47 in this October :noway:

    Please feel free to add me - as I need more encouragement with more friends :happy:
  • tyler621
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    Soon to be 41 here. Started the year off great but the wheels fell off. Looking to get motivated again. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • jennifermason37604
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    42 years old here....lost 21 lbs. in three months. slow but losing! You can add me!
  • tawny7
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    I'm I'm almost out of this age group... :sad:
  • RebeccaP1972
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    42 here feel free to add me, I log daily and try to be supportive to everyone.
  • Almost 43 and starting over again.... still trying to find the perfect workout for me. The ones I used when I was younger don't really 'fit' anymore! :/
  • mae23321
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    Hi, I'm 46, and trying to lose at least 180 lbs. On my way, the key is don't quit.... I will get there... :-)
  • theflatpick
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    Hi, I am 48. I have lost and gained weight all my life.... I don't find losing it any harder now, what I do find tougher is the amount of time I can spend in the gym, my intensity at the gym, and time to recover. I can truely feel a difference between exercising, playing basketball, whatever now and in my 30s. Just part of it I guess.
  • gobraves47
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    Hey! I'm 46 and here for the long haul. Anyone can add me. :smile:
  • LisaAG5
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    I am 48 so I get it. Started back on February 3rd and have lost 30. The first 25 were the easiest but now it's I have to put forth more effort. Have 10 to go and but not giving up for any reason especially age.
  • RejsGirl
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    Soon to be 45 here!!
    EPICUREASIAN Posts: 147 Member
    45 and haven't enjoyed this much exercise "play" since I was kid. Add me!