What do you all do when your calories run out?



  • AtlantaBob
    AtlantaBob Posts: 129 Member
    I'm hungry right now, but instead of eating I'm having a cup of hot tea.

    Does that always work? heck no. But sometimes it's enough.

    ONe other trick I used to use. I tell myself that if I'm still hungry after I (insert activity) I can have a snack.

    Sometimes I'd get busy with the task and completely forget the hunger.
  • LiftAllThePizzas
    LiftAllThePizzas Posts: 17,857 Member
    It depends on why. If you are just starting a cut, it takes a few days to get into the groove with it so just deal with it. If it's once in a while in the middle of a long cut, just take a maintenance day and eat something. If hunger is a constant thing (and you're getting good nutrition and a good volume of food) then you need to reconsider your goal and see if either adding exercise or reducing your deficit is a good idea at this point.
  • shortntall1
    shortntall1 Posts: 333 Member
    Im over by 91 calories today but Im set at -2 a week..I may have something later..Im hungry tonight
  • princess71903
    princess71903 Posts: 56 Member
    I say listen to your body and eat. I was at 1200 calories for a couple weeks and I felt like hell once I tried working out on that intake. I adjusted things and realized that in order to feel ok and not hungry I had to set my MFP to .5lb a week to get 1470 calories. Otherwise it drops to 1200 and I don't feel well at all. Not so much hungry as just plain ill! If you are hungry then eat. Just choose something smart like yogurt, fruits, or veggies.
  • tennisgirl444
    tennisgirl444 Posts: 57 Member
    I seem to be going to bed earlier and earlier so that my calories can refresh sooner ;-)
  • mom2_4gr8kids
    20 lbs over 8 months is not that much. You could lose less than a pound a week and still make your goal. If you are set to lose more than .5 lbs per week, change your settings. That will give you more calories per day and make it easier to stay under your goal. If you find you don't lose fast enough at that amount, you could always adjust it in a few weeks.
  • hmroebuck
    hmroebuck Posts: 64 Member
    I stop eating, drink water, change activities...

    How much water are you drinking? I have a hard time getting in 4oz of protein and 1/2 cup of veggies if I drink a glass (20 oz) of water before eating. Are you sure you are hungry and not thirsty, or really just having cravings?

    Is your diet carb heavy? Try sticking to lean proteins and veggies. With 1400 calories you could eat 2 pounds of chicken and 6 bags of salad mix!
  • BubbleBubble7
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    Work out to earn more calories, eat cucumber or baby carrots - stuff you can chew but not gain too many calories from.. Good luck
  • fattymcrunnerpants
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    I either work out more or stop eating and just muddle through it. Maybe your cals are too low? If you're constantly hungry you're more likely not to stick to your plan.
  • abs0830
    abs0830 Posts: 319 Member
    Like others. LOTS of water. I actually drink water when I might be hungry and see if that works. Sometimes I'm thirsty, but my brain tells me I'm hungry.

    Also-I try to eat low calorie foods that are filling so that I stay full longer. I'd be happy to look at your food log if you like :happy:
  • Supertact
    Supertact Posts: 466 Member
    You stop eating. It's called self control.