Domino's Pizza Can Be Healthy? Is it a Trick?!



  • MomTo3Lovez
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    Cheese does have nutrients, but so do oatmeal raisin cookies! :happy: The fat in cheese offsets the protein and dairy benefits, at least for me. It's also one of my favorite foods, so something I have a hard time doing in moderation. It's a trigger food for me. Because I can eat ALL THE CHEESE. Good cheese is better than good chocolate IMO. (Now, bad chocolate is better than bad cheese, but that's beside the point.)

    I'm fat because of portions that are too large and my love of dairy. Cream, butter, cheese. The higher the fat content the better. So I'm trying to cut way back on it. Imagine if potato chips had some redeeming nutrition in them but the same amount of fat. If you are a person who can't eat just one, it would probably best to think of them as junk food.

    Ah ok well that makes sense.